12 Incredible Health Benefits of Wine

12 Incredible Health Benefits of Wine

Every year, there are hundreds of news headlines praising the health benefits of drinking wine.

But can drinking wine really make a difference? Does drinking a glass of wine each day help keep the doctor away? Where is the evidence?

This ESL lesson will improve your English communication skills and enlighten you with the specific health benefits of red wine. Enjoy!

Part I: Let’s Chat about the Photo

ESL Lesson 12 Incredible Health Benefits of Wine

1. Is he sampling wine or just drinking it?

2. How else could the wine bottles be stacked?

3. Do you think he’s in a wine bar or in his personal wine cellar?

4. Would you say he’s holding the wine glass properly?

5. What are the most popular wine producing countries these days?

Part II: Take the Survey and Talk About It

1. How often do you drink wine?

  • Once a year
  • Once every few months
  • Once a month
  • Once a week
  • Twice a week
  • Three times a week
  • Every evening

2. Which kind of wine do you prefer? Red or white?

  • Red
  • White

3. Which do you prefer? Sweet or dry wines?

  • Bone dry
  • Dry
  • Semi-sweet
  • Sweet
  • Very sweet

4. How many glasses of wine should you limit yourself to per day?

  • 1/2 a glass
  • 1 glass
  • 2 glasses
  • 3 glasses
  • 4 glasses
  • 5 or more is fine

5. What food would you enjoy the most with wine?

  • Cheese
  • Cashews or pistachios
  • Dried fish
  • Hummus
  • Chocolate
  • Wasabi Peas
  • Grapes
  • Other

6. Have you ever gotten a headache from drinking wine?

  • Yes
  • No

7. What causes people to get headaches from drinking wine? Choose all that might apply

  • Sugar
  • Sulphites (salt substance)
  • Tannins (natural)
  • Histamines (chemicals)
  • Over consumption


8. What’s the most money you’d spend on a bottle of wine?

  • $5
  • $10
  • $15
  • $20
  • $25
  • $50
  • $100
  • Over $100

9. Do you prefer to buy wines bottles with or without a cork?

  • With a cork
  • Without a cork
  • Don’t care

10. Which of the below wine descriptors are you familiar with?

  • Aroma or Bouquet
  • Body
  • Finish
  • Crisp
  • Dry
  • Fruity
  • Oaky
  • Soft
  • Tannic


Part III: Share Your Opinions

ESL Lesson 12 Incredible Health Benefits of Wine

Discuss the Photo

1. Do you think he’s having trouble choosing a wine?

2. Would you say the wine bottles are arranged by region, year, varietal, or price?

3. Which wines go best which beef, chicken, fish, pork?

Discussion Activity

Below you’ll find 12 incredible health benefits of wine. Look them over and choose which 5 would be the most convincing for you to become a daily drinker of wine.

So, first select your top 5 then rank them from 1 being the most important and 5 being least important. Be prepared to discuss your choices with your teacher and peers.

12 Incredible Health Benefits of Wine

  • Become smarter
  • Improves heart, brain and bone function
  • Reduces liver disease
  • Improves eyes
  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Live a longer life
  • Prevents colds
  • Cuts cancer risk
  • Reduces depression
  • Lowers risk of hear disease and stroke
  • Lowers diabetes risk
  • Promotes healthy teeth

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