4 Foreign English Teachers Who Got Famous In Korea

4 Foreign English Teachers Who Got Famous In Korea

Drama Fever– One of the easiest ways to live and work in South Korea is to get a job as a native English teacher at either a private or public school. These four internet celebrities started as NETs in Seoul and now they’re famous. Read More

Foreign teachers famous Korea

Foreign teachers who got famous in Korea. They all used English teaching as their gateway into fame.

Hagwon Horror Stories: Kevin M. Maher’s English-Teaching Expat Novel “No Couches in Korea

Blarb – Kevin M. Maher’s No Couches in Korea, which recounts the experiences of a young man who leaves his native America, his girlfriend, and their cat behind to teach English in the coastal city of Busan, falls somewhere between… Read More

Hagwon horror stories

Enter the shady world of English language hagwons in Korea and hear some of the stories told.

Why a Generation of Adoptees Is Returning to South Korea

New York Times – Laura Klunder’s newest tattoo runs down the inside of her left forearm and reads “K85-160,” a number that dates to her infancy. Klunder was 9 months old when her South Korean mother left her at a police station in Seoul. Read More

Korean Adoptees returning

Amy Mihyang Ginther with her birth mother, Park Jeong-hee, at Park’s home in Gimcheon, South Korea.

English teachers in Korea answer questions about stereotypes

AllKPop – The guys were questioned about their English and Korean language speaking abilities, whether they were in Korea to date Korean women, whether it’s easy to get visas, and of course, the topic of size came up… Read More

Korean stereotype questions to foreigners

Sensitive questions toward foreigners… more specifically, foreign male English teachers.

What 2 expats learn crossing South Korea by bus

Slate.com – My friend Dan Leonard and I met recently at an eel restaurant in Soyosan, South Korea, a small town just south of the Demilitarized Zone home to little more than mountains and soldiers. Read More

Bus travel in Korea

How to get across Korea by local bus only. Is this truth or a legend?

Survey: Korea Ranks 27th Best Expat Country to Live In

Busan Haps – A recent report shows that South Korea is ranked the 27th best expat country to live in. The study released by InterNations surveyed more than 14,000 respondents across the globe for its Expat Insider 2016 index… Read More 

Incheon Airport in Korea. Thousands of foreigners enter each day to come live and work in Korea.

Incheon Airport in Korea. Thousands of foreigners enter each day to come live and work in Korea.

Why do so many Koreans have the same last names?

DramaFever – We are all very familiar with Korean surnames, such as Kim, Lee, Park, and Choi. To outsiders, it seems that an overwhelming number of Koreans have the same last name, and the reality is… Read More

The 27 Best Things To Do In Korea (Outside Of Seoul)

Bobo and Chichi – There’s a lot more to South Korea than Seoul. We have put together a list of the 27 best things to do in Korea outside of Seoul. Don’t limit yourself to the nation’s largest city, you can easily take advantage of the great public… Read More

Trips outside of Seoul Korea

Escape the concrete jungle of Seoul and get out and see the rest of amazing Korea. Here are 27 things you can do from cave exploring to camping on the water and more!

Man sentenced over Korea ‘rape’ of Airdre Mattner

AdelaideNow-A MAN has been sentenced over the sexual assault of Adelaide woman Airdre Mattner in South Korea last year. Ms Mattner wrote a post titled “Justice was served” in her blog after the Nigerian-born man was sentenced in a Seoul court on Tuesday morning… Read More

Rape case foreign teacher Korea

Adelaide woman Airdre Mattner was raped in Korea but funded her case online to prosecute her attacker.








Foreign student enrolment in Korea breaking records

Korea Joongang Daily – Binti Maarut, 21, is one of over 100,000 foreign students in Korea, the first time the country has achieved the landmark figure, according to recent government reports. Read More

Foreign Student Numbers Korea

Muslim foreign students studying at Hanyang University in Seongdong District, eastern Seoul, enjoy halal food on the university campus









5 Ways Teaching in Korea Puts the Most Cash in Your Pocket

Travelbudco.com – There are many reasons people teach English abroad, for some it’s to escape a deadbeat job back home or gain some valuable life experience and for most it’s just because they want to explore the world. None of this… Read More

5 ways to make more teaching in Korea

An English teacher in class with his Korean students. Most teachers work with children although teaching adults can be more lucrative if you can handle split shifts.










Foreigner workers in Korea top 1,000,000 for first time

Korea Times – Korea’s economically active foreign population has surpassed a million for the first time, data showed Friday. They accounted for 3.6 percent of economically active people here. Economically active population refers to people aged over 15… Read More

Foreign Workers

Foreign workers walk to their jobs with their bikes at the STX shipyard in Jinhae, South Gyeongsang Province.

10 Things I Won’t Miss About Living In Korea

LiveLearnVenture.com -recently looked back at the last two years in Korea when writing my post, 10 Things I Will Miss About Living in South Korea. There really is so much to miss — overall this has been a great experience for me…  Read More

10 things in Korea I won't miss

Korea has an obsession with body image. There are plastic surgery “before and after” images everywhere.

This School In South Korea Has Only 3 Students

A falling birth rate is creating many such mini schools, which are less stressful. They attract some city folks who move to their rural locations to give their kids a chance to enjoy learning. “I moved here from Seoul in June last year, and I like this school more… Read More

Korean School has only 3 Students

Only 3 students attend classes in this Korean school due to a number of reasons.

Ask a North Korean: What is married life like in North Korea?

In the DPRK, who you marry is all about status – but times are changing. Today’s question is: How do women choose husbands in North Korea? What is married life like? Yes, we have spinsters in North Korea, too. Read More

Married Life in North Korea

If a woman is 28 years old in North Korea and is not married, she is considered a spinster. Read more.

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