5 Things I Hate About Korea

Living in Korea can be awesome!  

But just like any country in the world… the ROK  is NOT without flaws.

Don’t get me wrong, the majority of foreigners living in Korea have life enriching experiences here and most of them take the good with the bad.

But for the purposes of this 8 minute video you’ll hear about 5 things 1 foreigner dislikes about Korea and why.

Here’s a glance of what you’ll learn in this 8 minute video:

  • What you need to know about getting baking ingredients in Korea and where to find them
  • How the pressure to be pretty in Korea is everywhere even among younger students
  • Learn the reasons why some Korean kids think they are ugly
  • What the dating culture is like in Korea for Koreans and foreigners
  • What types of guys you’ll run into in Korea and how to find a true gem
  • The challenges finding a Korean guy who will date a foreign woman
  • The problems getting imported products in Korea such as your favourite comfort foods and snacks
  • The ridiculous prices of imported foods in Korea
  • The pressure Korean society puts on school children and the intense hagwon culture in Korea
  • What kinds of pressures Korean high school students must deal with on a daily basis and why
  • The impact of school pressure and pressure to get a job in Korea and its dark side

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