A Mysterious 7-Day Trip To North Korea

North Korea is the most mysterious country in the world.

Jacob Laukaitis spent 7 days in the hermit Kingdom.

He took a tour but he couldn’t choose where to go, what to do, or when to see it. Every day was a surprise!

There are 21 things you’ll learn in this 14 minute video about 7 days in North Korea.

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7 Days in North Korea

Here’s a glance of what you’ll learn in Jacob’s video:

  • Are you allowed to travel alone in North Korea
  • What happens to your passport when you arrive there
  • What pictures, if any are you allowed to take in North Korea
  • How are you to treat pictures and statues of the God-like leaders of North Korea
  • How should you behave at North Korean hotels
  • Take a ride on the North Korean subway
  • Do people make eye contract with foreigners in North Korea
  • Visit a cinema in North Korea
  • See what the Pyongyang marathon is like
  • See breathtaking views of Pyongyang
  • Visit a North Korean kindergarten
  • You’ll find a dragon in North Korea
  • See the waitresses sing songs and dance with foreigners in North Korea
  • Watch amazing middle school music and athletic performers in North Korean schools
  • Take tram ride around Pyongyang to learn the local way of North Korean life
  • Learn what these colourful notes are all around Pyongyang
  • Go out for pizza in Pyongyang and have a chocolate bar and rice drink for desert
  • Attend the birthday party of Kim Il Sung
  • See North Korean women dance in the streets and visit an amusement park in the capital city
  • Have fun in a park with locals in North Korea, but can you speak with them
  • There’s one last surprise Jacob will share about his 7 day trip in North Korea

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