7 English Teachers Who Fought For The Right Dang Thing

7 English Teachers Who Fought For The Right Dang Thing

1. This ESL teacher took his employer (in Canada) to task for ageism:

Charles McNair, a 64 English teacher at the International House in Vancouver, Canada was fired and replaced by a younger teacher. He was later awarded $17,000 by the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal.

age discrimination


2. One foreign teacher ditched the English textbooks, pulled out his guitar, and got his students to sing an iconic pop song so well… it will melt your heart:

An adorable rendition of the late David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” by this teacher’s Korean elementary school students.


3. And how about this retired teacher in Canada who has been teaching Syrian refugees English for free because of lack of government funding:

Samson is teaching Ebraheem Abo-Khoroj, a young Syrian living in Surrey, Canada and  hopes other teachers will step up and fill the void.


4. And then there’s ESL teacher Airdre Mattner who was allegedly drugged and raped in Korea but is still fighting for justice: 

Australian Airdrie has collected thousands in donations to help fund her lawsuit against her attacker.

Ms. Mattner Korea

5. This teacher was arrested in the UAE for standing up for disabled people:

An Australian teaching in Abu Dhabi was arrested for posting an image on Facebook of a vehicle blocking two handicapped parking spots beside her apartment building.

Teacher disabled people UAE

6. This guy was terminated for using the word “HOMOPHONE” in his ESL classroom. His boss thought he was teaching homosexuality to international students:

An online petition was started gathering 44,634 signatures on Tim Torkildson’s behalf.

ESL teacher fired homophone

7. And let’s not forget this Canadian teacher who is STILL fighting for his freedom from a lonely jail cell in Indonesia:

Canadian, Neil Bantleman is accused of sexually abusing three kindergarten students at an elite Jakarta school. He was found innocent and released, but re-jailed months later. Stay Strong Neil!


Know any other teacher abroad who are fighting the good fight… or have updates on any of these 7 teachers mentioned?

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