9 Neat Things at the Library You Need to Know About

A library is a house where books live. If you love reading, the library will fuel your imagination. It’s a fantastic place to find information on almost every imaginable topic.

Why do you visit the library?

This ESL lesson will improve your English skill and highlight some of the many reasons why you should hang out in the library more often.

ESL Lesson Part I: Let’s Chat about the Photo

ESL Lesson 9 Nifty Things at the Library
1. Are the students actually studying, or just reading for pleasure?

2. Are they sitting at the table individually, in partners, or in one big group?

3. How long do you think the battery life will last on the girl’s notebook?

4. Do you think they’ll put all the books back on the shelves before they leave?

5. What rules should they abide by while they’re in this library?

ESL Lesson Part II: Take the Survey and Talk About It

1. How often do you go to the school library without your class?

  • Once a day
  • Once a week
  • Several times a week
  • Once per month
  • Never

2. What do you do at the school library (with or without your class)?

  • Other
3. What kinds of books do you like to read? Choose as many as you want.
  • Fair tales
  • Fantasy
  • Historical
  • Mystery
  • Poetry
  • Realistic fiction
  • Science fiction
  • Space (non fiction)
  • Sports (non fiction)
  • Other

4. Do you find your school library always has the books you like to read?

  • Yes
  • No

5. Would you visit the school library more if it had/did any of the following: (choose more than once choice)

  • A comfortable place to read with bean bag chairs and pillows
  • Allowed you to come any time during the day to read, check out books, or do research
  • Had book clubs during lunch
  • Was open after school
  • Was open before school
  • Had more computer stations

6. What do you NOT like about your school library?

  • I have to be quiet
  • I can’t bring snacks or beverages
  • I get punished or fined if I bring back books late
  • I am not allowed to sign out magazines/newspapers
  • I am limited how many items I can sign out
  • Other

7. Have you ever lost your library book?

  • Yes
  • No

8. Are students limited to how long they can use computer stations in your school library? 

  • Yes
  • No

9. Are you allowed to use printing or copy machines in your school library?

  • Yes
  • No

10. How long do you usually stay in your school library alone?

  • 5 minutes just to sign out books, or do things like make copies or print
  • 30 minutes to sit and read, research, or study
  • 60 minutes to browse new books and other interesting resources
  • 90 minutes to kill time instead of returning to class or going home

ESL Lesson Part III: Share Your Opinions

ESL Lesson 9 Nifty Things at the Library

Discuss the Photo

1. What type of garment is she wearing on her head?

2. Does she appear to be sitting or standing at the desk?

3. How long do you think she’s allowed use this workstation?

Discussion Activity

Public libraries are a great place to spend time reading, learning, and being entertained. In fact, there are many free offerings at public libraries in countries like Canada and the US.

Rank the nine “freebies” below from 1 – most important to 9 – least important to you. Next, compare and discuss your ranking with your instructor and classmates.

Remember: the public library in your town or city may not offer all of these freebies, but for this discussion activity imagine they do.

9 Neat Things at the Library You Need to Know About

    • Sign out free audio books
    • Borrow the latest movies on DVD or Blu-ray
    • Use conference rooms for free
    • Read magazines and newspapers for free
    • Use and or borrow musical instruments
    • Escape from people
    • Use the Internet for free
    • Take a free lecture or class and learn something
    • Free hot chocolate, tea and coffee

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