9 Unique Things Financially Successful People Do Differently

9 Unique Things Financially Successful People Do Differently

Most successful people share common traits. They are passionate, hardworking, not afraid to make mistakes. They also use common sense to help them create their personal wealth. Which of these traits are you applying to your personal finances? Are there others?

This ESL lesson will improve your conversation skills and teach you 9 things financially successful people do differently:

Part I: Let’s Chat about the Photo


1. What type of vehicle is the woman getting out of?

2. Do you think there are more crew members inside the plane?

3. Will they”ll take a domestic or international flight?

4. Would you ever wear a business suit on a flight?

5. Would you be excited or apprehensive about flying on a small private jet?

Part II: Take the Survey and Talk About It 

1. What’s your biggest complaint these days?

  • Traffic
  • Salary
  • Job
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Economy
  • Government
  • Taxes
  • Health
  • Other

2. What personal sacrifices are you making right now? (choose all that apply)

  • I drive an old, cheap car
  • I’m living in a house that’s too small
  • I’ve postponed my vacation
  • I invest in my kid’s education
  • I’ve held off buying expensive items
  • I’m studying part time (outside of work)
  • Other

3. Who is the most negative person you know?

  • My boss
  • My friend(s)
  • My spouse
  • My kids
  • My relatives
  • Other

4. Paying off my debt and saving money is a priority.

  • Completely agree
  • Partially agree
  • Disagree

5. I blame the government and/or economy for my financial situation:

  • Completely agree
  • Partially agree
  • Disagree

6. I have financial goals that are: (choose all that apply)

  • Long term (3+ years)
  • Medium term (2 years)
  • Short term (1 year)
  • Untedetermined

7. What type of lifelong education do you engage in? (choose all that apply)

  • Reading magazines
  • Reading non-fiction books
  • Listening to audio books
  • Downloading podcasts
  • Attending webinars
  • Taking classes
  • Other

8. What have you created yourself that could be either donated or even sold for a price?

  • An e-book
  • An essay
  • A piece of art
  • A collection of poems
  • A song
  • An article of clothing, jewelry or accessory
  • A handmade piece of furniture
  • Something else
  • Nothing yet

9. How early do you wake up before work even starts?

  • 1 hour
  • 2 hours
  • 3 hours
  • 4 hours
  • 5 hours

10. Are you more excited about making money or creating something from scratch?

  • Making money
  • Creating something
  • Neither

Part III: Share Your Opinions 

Financial Success Laptop

Discuss the Photo

1. Why is he working at the beach?

2. What do you think about his posture?

3. Would you like a laptop lifestyle?

More Discussion

4. Do you take your work laptop when you go on vacation?

5. Would you like to be an entrepreneur?

6. What online business would you like to start?

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