A western funded education in the heart of North Korea

At Pyongyang’s University of Science and Technology hundreds of North Korean men attend classes in English each day learning about western culture from American lecturers.

Given these North Korean students are practically cut off from email, social media and western websites, it appears they have a lot of catching up to do.

When we mention Michael Jackson, we get a room full of blank faces. We try again. “Raise your hands if you’ve heard of Michael Jackson.” Not a single arm goes up.

The BBC reports on what academic life is like inside this American paid, Christian built university for both teachers and students.

At first glance, doesn’t the university’s philosophy and vision seem eerily altruistic?

The question remains…

Will the Regime’s hand picked scholars use their western education to garner warmer relations with West, or will they misinterpret or distort their learnings (in the spirit of their great leader) and grow even further apart from the west ideologically?

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A western funded education in the heart of North Korea


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