Hi there!

I’ve been teaching English in Asian countries for many years to students of all ages and backgrounds.

It’s been a wonderful experience!

However, one challenge in the ESL profession is constantly sourcing interesting conversation lessons to encourage our students to speak.

Over the years, I’ve invested a lot of my time, energy and money creating compelling conversations lessons to get my students comfortable conversing with me as well as their peers in order to learn English in a fun and relaxed way.

I created this website (at the request of teachers I have known) to share all of my ESL conversation lessons with ESL teachers everywhere.

Here you’ll find “ready for class” meaningful ESL conversation lessons for teaching Middle/High school, University, Adult, and Business ESL students.

I GUARANTEE your students will LOVE them!

Best part is…

These lessons are all all viewable and teachable from your smartphone, tablet, notebook, or desktop. (even your students’ devices)

So whether you’re teaching ESL online via Skype or in a classroom they’ll be easy to use.

So, no more textbooks to lug around, no more copies to print, and no more trees to destroy!

Enjoy this free resource!