Teaching Ads that say “must currently reside in Japan”

Teaching Ads that say “must currently reside in Japan”
Living in Japan Teaching Jobs

Most of the jobs I see advertised for teachers in Japan want teachers currently living there. What’s up with that?

Is this because they want teachers with actual teaching experience in Japan?

Or… is it that they can’t legally acquire visas for teachers, or just don’t want to hassle with the paperwork?

I can imagine there are risks in recruiting teachers who’ve never worked or lived in Japan. They get home sick or culture shock and just head home. Maybe that’s part of the reasons…

But, I don’t expect early attrition at language schools in the first 12 months of a contract to be “that high” though. Anybody seen any statistics on this in Japan?

I’ve heard that smaller schools just don’t have the bandwidth to recruit teachers from overseas, which is understandable. Also, perhaps the Japanese want to physically meet teachers before they hire them even though they can do a Skype interview.Trust is important especially teaching kids.

On the flip side, if they’re only recruiting teachers inside Japan, they are really narrowing their pool of ESL candidates, no?

Flying to Japan for an interview and then not getting the job, just isn’t feasible…

Another option might be for a teacher to visit Japan on a tourist visa and start applying and interviewing, but again this could get costly, especially in larger enters like Tokyo and Osaka.

How effective is it to get a working holiday visa to come to Japan and then start looking for teachers jobs?

I’ve heard there are also the JET program, eikaiwas, or student visas. Must do more research on these angles.

In Korea your teaching visa is tied to your job. If you quit your job you lose your visa. Do the same visa rules apply in Japan or is there more flexibility?

Certainly lots of ways to get to Japan and lot’s of jobs offered online. Just need to find the most efficient one (cost and time wise).

Any advice on different methods for landing teaching jobs in Japan would be appreciated. Thanks!

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