Are most overseas ESL teachers glorified baby sitters?

Let’s face it…

Attending university for 4 years, getting a degree, completing a TEFL certificate, and then landing a teaching job in a foreign country are significant accomplishments.Are most overseas ESL teachers glorified baby sitters?.jpg

As overseas ESL teachers we’re a motivated bunch. If we weren’t, we’d still be back home day dreaming about living a life abroad.

Then why is it that the moment we show up for class in our host country the bar is all of a sudden set so low for high achievers like us?

Just show your face in the classroom, sing a few songs, that’s it,” my new employer said to me..

Elle Loftis, an American expat shares her story teaching in Turkey and why she decided to make a difference for her students, despite such low expectations from the school administration. 

As ESL teachers, we’ve jumped through a lot of hoops and traveled a long way to have a life enriching experience abroad. It’s up to us to challenge the status quo and make each class as rewarding as possible not only for our students but ourselves.

Never settle….

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