ASAP*** We are looking for Native Teacher in Gangwondo

We here at GIPS are looking for talented and motivated individuals to join our teaching team.

Our Academy is designed to enrich the educational needs of students from 5years to 13years and kindergarten children. Using standard American textbooks, we provide a flexible yet structured curriculum designed to improve language proficiency and reinforce critical thinking skills, particularly in the content areas of Reading, Writing, and speaking Studies. We strictly organize our classes according to grade and level.

Position description:

*Position: Full-time Instructors

*Location: Gangwondo – wonjusi
*Starting Date: 2017.03.02

*Work Schedule: Mon-Fri 9:40am–6:40pm (Lunch provided)


1. Salary: 2.5 ~ 3.0

2. Health insurance

3. housing provided

4. Full Severance

5. Paid vacation days and holidays

6. Peace of mind that comes with working for a well organized corporation. Never worry about late payments or job security.

7. Pension
If you’re interested in this, feel free to send me your resume.
have a great rest of your day:) we’re looking forward to seeing you.


please send your resume to both e-mails. thanks in advance.

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