Assistant professor Positions (3) Seowon University (2017.03.01.)

“Seowon University” is looking for well qualified and highly motivated assistant professors.

Division of Liberal Arts, Seowon University

Location: Cheongju, Republic of Korea

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Seowon Campus

Seowon Campus

1. Position: Assistant professor of Division of Liberal Arts(non-tenure track)

2. Openings: 3

3. Qualifications:
(1) Native speaker of English
(2) MA with college-level(or full-time instructor for elementary school, middle school, high school) teaching experience more than 2 years (or BA with an excellent qualification in college-level teaching(or full-time instructor for elementary school, middle school, high school) experience more than 4 years)
(3) Degrees in English, Education, Linguistics (preferred)
(4) TESOL/TEFL certificate (preferred)

4. Main Responsibilities:
– Division of Liberal Arts –
(1) To teach general English conversation classes (Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced)
(Assistant professors may be given extra hours upon request of the university : Average 4 hours a week)
(2) To teach at least 14 hours a week during each semester
(3) To teach English summer and winter school programs (up to 5days a week)

5. Payment and Overtime Allowance:
(1) (BA holders)The annual salary for an assistant professor is 28,800,000won+Incentive( min: 0 ~ max: 3,000,000)=28,800,000~31,800,000won
(2) (MA Degree or Ph degree holders : except for Korean MA or Ph): 28,800,000won + Degree Allowance(200,000*12months) + Incentive(min: 0 ~ max: 3,000,000) = 31,200,000 ~ 34,200,000won
(3) Overtime rate is determined as same amount of money as the other Korean regular Professors get : depending on University’s policy
(4) Seniority allowance at Seowon University : up to Seowon¡¯s policy.
* This is only about Seowon University teaching experience
(5) Health Insurance: The assistant professor must join the Korea Teachers’ Pension Fund and pay a portion of the monthly premium according to the Korea Teachers’ Pension Law.
(6) Taxes: The assistant professor must pay any applicable Korean taxes as required by law.

6. Vacation: 8 weeks paid vacation per year (4 weeks after the summer school; 4 weeks after the winter school)

7. Housing:
(1) University provides the Assistant Professor with certain amount of money as support fund for his/her housing. ( The Assistant Professor can find own place)
It would be subject to taxation.
(2) The amount of money is in accordance with University’s policy.
(In 2017:350,000won*12months=4,200,000Won)
(3) If an Assistant Professor resign before the expiration date of contract, the assistant professor must return the rest of housing money(corresponding to the remain contract period) to Seowon University.

8. Contract Duration: March 1, 2017 – February 28, 2018
The contract is renewable upon successful completion.

9. Application Process:
(1) First Step: Paper Screening via e-mail
(2) Second Step: Interview : A face-to-face interview is required.

10. Application Schedule
(1) Application period: 2017.02.09.~2017.02.17.
(2) Evaluation of works (review process): 2017.02.09.~02.17.
(3) Interview: 2017.02.13.~01.21.
– Candidates : In-person interview, Be ready to present a 15 minutes demo class
¡Ø Announcement of successful candidates: Successful candidates will be notified by phone or e-mail.

11. Documents Required for Application
– Resume with a cover letter
– A copy of alien registration card for those who are currently living in Korea
– A copy of passport (photo page)
– A copy of diploma(s), transcript(s) and letter of employment(s)
– A copy of TESOL/TEFL certificate (only for applicants who have it)
– A letter of release (only for applicants who are currently working in Korea)
– Two letters of recommendation
– Two Copies of Criminal Record Check Result of own country(Apostilled criminal record check required for successful candidates only except for F4 Visa holders)

12. Contact Information
Tel: +82-43-299-8215(Division of Liberal Arts/Academic office)
Fax: +82-43-299-8216
Address: Division of Liberal Arts
Seowon University , 377-3 Musimseo-ro, Seowon-gu
Cheongju-si, Chungbuk 28674
Republic of Korea

* Please send the application by e-mail. *

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