Back In The News: Busan Professor & Family (Full Interview)

Busan University Professor, Robert E Kelly is back on BBC News to chat about his unexpected viral fame last week.

No doubt you’ve seen the amusing video where his children barged in on his live BBC TV interview to the laughter of millions of people.

Prof Kelly, an expert on South Korea, was joined in the follow-up video with his wife and kids…

Here’s a glance of what you’ll learn about Prof Kelly and his family in this 9 minute video:

  • How did Kelly respond to all the attention from his viral news interview
  • Do his children have Korean or English names
  • What Kelly and his wife were most worried about after the viral BBC interview
  • What was Kelly’s wife actually doing while the kids stormed into his office
  • Who’s fault it was that the two children got into Kelly’s home office
  • Who did most viewers of the clip mistakenly think Kelly’s wife was and how did Kelly feel about it
  • How soon did Prof Kelly know his daughter had entered the room (without him turning around)
  • What did Kelly hope his daughter would do when she barged into his room
  • When did Kelly know that he was BUSTED on live TV
  • Was Professor Kelly even wearing pants during the interview
  • Did viewers actually asked Kelly if the interview was staged, or not
  • What Kelly has to say about his home office policy with his kids
  • What 1 viewer suggested Prof Kelly do for his wife

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