Bring my dog to Korea?

bring dog to korea

Bring my dog to Korea? What You Need To Know

A teacher who’s planning to come to Korea brought up some good questions about bringing his dog. Anybody been through this before?

What are the regulations around bringing pets to Korea? Specifically dogs.

It’s hard to dig up information on this and it might be easier just to leave my furry friend back home.

I mean.. how much is involved and is it worth bringing over my dog if I’m only teaching for 1-2 years?

Would it be wise to have someone from my school talk to my future apartment landlord to find if they’ll allow it.

If my dog barks or causes trouble, will my Korean neighbours  complain? If my apartment is sponsored by my school, then I just cant move out. I’ll be stuck!

Maybe I should look into getting my own housing (not tied to the school) in the event I’d have to move..

If they do permit dogs, I’ve heard the first step is to find out the cost of importing an animal into Korea from the immigration office.

There’s probably a whole heap of stuff to do. Blood and rabies tests, vaccinations. Getting a microchip embedded into my dog’s skin as a pet identifier is probably mandatory. Lot’s of paperwork to… Is it worth it?

I’ve heard it could cost me half of my monthly teaching salary just to bring a pet into Korea.

Other things to consider are the size of my apartment in Korea. People tell me it could be 1/3 the size or even smaller than my pad back home.

How easy/difficult is it for a dog to adapt to being in a small flat most/if not all of the day while I”m  teaching? I guess it depends on how often I walk my dog in Korea?  Hmm, might be tough given my teaching hours and daily commute.

And then what if I want to go to Thailand for a couple of weeks? Is there a doggy day care… What are the costs?

And what about parks, or is it just a concrete jungle?

If and when I decide to return home, there are probably more shots, vet visits and possible quarantine issue, as well as expenses to consider. That could cost an entire pay check repatriating my dog….Getting overwhelmed!

Advice pet owners, please in the ROK?


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