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VIPKID is currently looking for independent contractors as ESL teachers for our young students. We look for teachers that are energetic and can provide engaging classes, and who are motivated and excited to work with a promising company that is growing at a fast pace in China. VIPKID currently has 60,000+ active students and 6,000+ active teachers.

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Founded in 2013, VIPKID’s mission is to provide the American elementary school experience to Chinese children—all from the comfort of their homes.

Because of its innovative business model, platform and curriculum, VIPKID has won awards, such as the Win in China (China’s Shark Tank) Best Entrepreneur award for CEO Cindy Mi in 2016, the top 100 Chinese company award by CY Zone (China’s Tech Crunch) 2016, Shengjing Top 21 Global Innovation Award in 2015, Sina’s China’s Most Valuable Online education brand and best teachers award in 2015, and Tencent’s China’s Most powerful education brand in 2015, the US-China Entrepreneurship Leader Award in 2014. VIPKID also has strategic partnerships with ETS, Coursera and TESOL.

VIPKID is also venture backed by top investors, such as Innovation Works, Sequoia Capital, Matrix Partners, H Capital, Northern Light Venture, Yunfeng Capital, Learn Capital and Bryant Stibel (Kobe Bryant’s investment fund).

Basketball King Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers Invests in ViPKID

Basketball King Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers Invests in ViPKID











1-on-1 online full immersion English language and content classes

-Teach American curriculum, based on the Common Core State Standards

-25-minute highly engaging lessons


– Exposure to the American or Canadian K12 education system

Minimum 1 year of teaching experience

Bachelor’s degree

-Tech Requirements: Desktop or Laptop with Fast Internet connection and audio/video capability

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Business Opportunity DETAILS

Contract type: Independent contractor
Contract term: 6-Months
Start date: Immediately
Hours: In order to maximize number of classes scheduled, teachers are recommended to be available for at least 15 time slots per week (each time slot is 30 minutes) during Beijing peak times. The following hours tend to be the most requested time periods: Monday-Sunday 6-10pm, and Saturday-Sunday 9am-10pm in Beijing time.

Here are the times converted to U.S times:

Peak Times
Monday – Friday Saturday – Sunday
US Times Beijing 6pm – 10pm Beijing 9am – 10pm
EST 5am – 9am Fri-Sun 8pm – 9am
CST 4am – 8am Fri-Sun 7pm – 8am
MST 3am – 7am Fri-Sun 6pm – 7am
PST 2am – 6am Fri-Sun 5pm -6am
Hawaii 12:00am – 4am Fri-Sun 3pm – 4am

Payment: Our teachers are paid according to the number of classes finished. The minimum service fee rate range is US$ 14-$18/hour. There are incentives for every lesson, so a typical service fee ranges between US$ 14-22/hour. This business opportunity is ideal for independent contractor teachers looking to supplement their income.

Learn if you qualify to teach English from your home. Apply Here


I have been teaching with them for 2 years now so, I have been around to see lots of changes. I have NEVER had an issue receiving my pay. Since they have changed the payment from Bank Wire Transfer to EFT some people have had issues due to confusion with Bank Swift codes and Routing numbers. The only change that occurred for me was getting paid on the 15th instead of the 10th. However, I do get paid like clock work each month. If the 15th falls on a Sunday, I get paid on the 13th.

I was fortunate enough to get chosen for a TESOL scholarship that Vipkid offered to some of the teachers. This was their first time doing this and the only requirement was the teacher had to ATLEAST be in their second 6 month contract. Vipkid will be offering another round of Tesol Scholarships in the upcoming months. So, I recommend those who are interested in getting a free education to apply now so you can get the Vipkid experience under your belts to qualify.

Vipkid has also updated their availability requirements. You no longer have to dedicate 7.5 hours per week if you do not want to. You now have the power to choose as little or as many hours as you choose to work. I absolutely love this change because it now gives me the freedom to fulfill my desire to fly to all of my neighboring countries in Asia. This best suits me because I am no longer limited to only taking 2 weeks off per contract.

To top it all off with a cherry, Vipkid is NOW promoting from within its teacher pool. Us teachers are given the opportunity to make money ON TOP of our teacher compensation. You can become a Practicum Evaluator, Recruitment Partner, Curriculum Planner, Teacher Mentor, or even an Interviewer. Vipkid is offering new opportunities every month!

Interviewing with Vipkid is a VERY competitive process so, if you are going into it blind, with no guide, you are less likely to make it thru the entire process. I’m sorry to tell you, but that’s just what I’ve been seeing. I have had more people email me that were second time applicants reapplying than people who were first time applicants.

I have been around long enough to get over 250 teachers hired and what I have learned is the more prepared you go into the interview, the more money you are offered. I can say with pride that 100% of the teachers I have guided have received $8 and Above Per Lesson! A bit of advice, when you are asked in the interview how much you want to get paid DO NOT give an amount. Rather, let them know you are proud to be a part of the company and it would be an honor to work with them at any rate. Trust me, you will be rewarded with MORE THAN $7 per lesson and you WILL NOT receive that disappointing rejection letter.

Finally, I just want to say Vipkid is the most amazing company I have ever worked for! Having this remote job has granted me more time with my family, less stress, and the opportunity to fulfill my dream of traveling and living abroad. Most importantly, Vipkid has given me the opportunity to get out of debt! OH THE BLESSING!! Living in Southeast Asia making USD is truly the blessing I always needed. Working full time with Vipkid I make thousands more than I made back home, and my cost of living is far less than it ever was in the states.

Everybody who is looking to apply for Vipkid PLEASE do yourself a favor and do it. I promise you will love it!

You get paid once per month between the 10th and the 15th. You get paid for training in your first paycheck.


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