But you teach ESL… You’re not a REAL teacher

But you teach ESL… You’re not a REAL teacher

Whether you agree or disagree, the perception from the general population in western speaking countries is that ESL teachers, especially those teaching abroad, aren’t real teachers.

ESL Teacher / Traveler

ESL Teacher / Traveler

If you’re already an ESL teacher, or aspiring to be one, maybe you’ve gotten questions like these from friends and family:

What are you going to get with your degree when you come home?

Can you even get a job teaching ESL in your hometown?

The demand and pay must be low teaching English back home… cause everyone here speaks English, don’t they?

Chancellor Roberts, a career ESL teacher, attributes such comments to historical stereotypes…

Maybe some of that comes from a long history of young adults backpacking through Europe or Asia earning a little spending money here and there “teaching” English to the locals.


The demand for English teachers, even in Western speaking countries, is growing. Why? Because there are more immigrants, foreign students and refugees entering Canada and the US for example, than ever before.

So, the role of the ESL teacher is fast becoming a much more relevant one. Even in English speaking countries.

Who else in the workforce is dedicated to helping immigrants, foreign students, and refugees to communicate, adapt to the local culture, and prepare them for fluency exams so they can get jobs and function in a foreign society?

I once heard that there are only 4 real jobs in the world. Doctor, Policeman, Soldier and Teacher.

If the shoe fits, wear it – and keep impacting your students lives! (despite stereotypes)

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