Canadian Expat wanders streets in China searching for lost girlfriend

Man loses Chinese girlfriend

Canadian man searches for lost Chinese girlfriend – Sixty year-old Jake Malone has been searching for his online girlfriend “Rebecca” on the streets of Shenzhen ever since she didn’t show up at the airport when he arrived from Vancouver, Canada…

Pre Commentary

  • Did he ever video chat with his girlfriend?
  • Best of luck finding her. There are only over a billion people in China.
  • When did he last receive and email from her and can he track the IP address?
  • Where did his girlfriend work in China?
  • There’s something fishy about this story. Maybe she just got nervous about meeting him in person.
  • Are there any other clues to her whereabouts?
  • What a guy! I admire his sense of caring and love for someone he’s never even met in person

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