Can’t use Facebook In China Without VPN Workaround

Can’t use Facebook In China Without VPN Workaround

Are you still looking for a new teaching job overseas?

Hi. I am yes.

Where would you like to teach? I recruit mostly for Korea. I do have some Thailand jobs and China as well.

I’m currently in China. Worked in Korea before. Honestly, I’m not interested in teaching in those two countries. I’m open to try somewhere different

Thailand, Taiwan, Japan?

You could send me some job offers if you have any

For those 3 countries? When were you looking to start a new teaching job in a new country?

Yes. Thank you. In July \ August

Okay. So you’re potentially open to Thailand, Taiwan and Japan then? I don’t want to waste your time, if those countries are a no-go.

Thailand is an option. That I’m willing to look at. Also, if you have other countries except for the ones you’ve mentioned. It won’t hurt to take a look at other offers. Lastly, it’s best to email me. I don’t always have access to Facebook since it’s blocked in China

If you could shoot me an email with yours…

Quick question: Can’t teachers get through to Facebook with a VPN or proxy server in China? Or does that not work?

I’m using it right now. But it doesn’t always work or connect when you need it to. I saw you sent the first message on Saturday. I received no notification. So it’s not always reliable. And there really isn’t a workaround technology solution for teachers there, I suppose. Terribly inconvenient.

Do you have to pay for a VPN or proxy or is it free. The reason I ask is because a teacher who wants to go to China was asking me about Facebook a couple of days ago.

You have to pay for it. You can use the free vpns but they’re not good and you’ll only get a limited amount of megabytes a month. Whereas paid vpns are unlimited.It is inconvenient if you’re used to using google and so on. But I am truly grateful for my VPN to access Facebook.

So no google, Youtube or Facebook without a VPN then, correct?


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