Changnyeong English Village Review

Changnyeong English Village Review

Here are the notes I’ve gathered about Changnyeong English Village in Gyesong, Korea. Not a lot has been written by teachers about this place. If you have insight or updates, please  pay it forward and leave a review. This is a “living document.”


  • Before I share some of the things I’ve heard please remember that if recruiter for CEV allows you to speak with one of the current teachers at this school, make sure you ask the hard questions. Not simple questions like what’s it like working there? Really drill down and ask the teacher, to name 3 things he dislikes about working there. Any teacher can easily tell you 3 things (no matter how trivial) they don’t like about their current hagwon. What do you think teachers talk about when they go about for a beer with their fellow teachers on Friday night?  So giving you 3 negatives or positives about the hagwon, management, students, parents, curriculum, hours, salary, vacation time, anything should not be that hard.  If they can’t seem to come up with anything, then they are probably holding some stuff back and you should speak to another teacher.
  • In February of 2005 the Ministry of Finance and Economy appointed Changnyeong-gun as a foreign language zone. The goal was to make Changynyeong a place for cultural exchange and to prepare Korean students to study or live abroad. The school is made up of 8 native English speakers and a few Korean staff. Here’s a message outlining the purpose and goals of CEV from the Korean director of the school.
  • CEV is an English camp located in Changyeong, not a private hagwon. It’s a place where Korean kids come to be in an English immersion program. So, an English Village is an alternative to teaching at a hagwon or public school in Korea.
  • So, what happens at CEV? Students visit various locations and must practice their conversation in English. Some of these places include the Bank, Airport, Duty Free Shop, Hotel, Restaurant, etc. The students are between 9-15 years of age. There are also fun rooms like the Movie Theater and the English, art and science laboratories for students to practice their English.
  • Teaching hours are from 8:30 to 5:00 pm or 9:30 am to 6:00 pm. In the evenings there is a formal English class for the students.
  • The teaching salary range is between 2.1  to 2.5 million Korean won per month.  The contract and salary are pretty standard for Korea. The school will pay for your flight, it’s 40 hours of teaching per week and you’ll get 2 weeks of winter vacation in the winter and 2 weeks in the summer. They’ll also provide you housing beside the school. However, you are not permitted to smoke or drink in your apartment. You are not allowed to bring Korean friends or students there either. You are also not permitted to buy a car, only a scooter, for some reason. There are bus schedules from Daegu, Busan, Masan and Jiju.
  • Masan- 30KM- 4 Buses per day. There is a bus right outside the CEV apartment
  • Daegu- 50 Km- Takes two buses and a subway. It takes 35 minutes.
  • Busan 60KM- One hour and 20 minutes by bus
  • Seoul- 4 hours by bus
  • The teaching schedule has been described as monotonous, while the students are adorable. Classes are 45 minutes in length and teachers have 3 per day. Classes consist of only 5 students. It’s not a difficult job in terms of preparation, endurance or stress. I’ve heard of one teacher who renewed her contract for a second year. Here is a blog about one teacher who worked at Changyeon English Village.
  • It’s important to note that Changnyeong English village it in nowhere. It’s located in the village of Gyesong. It takes you about 40 minutes to drive hour to get to Daegu and 1 hour to Busan (depending on traffic). So, it’s not like you can go out in the evening for a night on the town in Daegu, even on the weekends without having to get a hotel room if you want to stay out late or have a few drinks. You’ll need a car and a driver. For some teachers living in Gyesong will feel isolated. Advice is to move to the city.
  • While CEV has a website, there is no evidence of a Facebook page. If you’d like to reach out to teachers (current and former) your best bet is to find them via their individual Facebook pages and see if they can tell you about CEV.

Here is a link to the only comprehensive review I found of Changyeon English village written by a teacher in 2015.

More links about CEV This blog about CEV contains many photos and a video of a field trip there. – A video of the school and teachers made by a teacher. – Written by a teacher couple. Not sure if they are still teaching there. – Former teacher at CEV you may want to link to (if you have a LinkedIn account)

The above is all I have been able to glean out about Changnyeong English Village. If anybody has a review please leave it in the comments section below. Let’s keep this document as a work in progress. Please add or revise as necessary below.


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