College Test Prep Instructor in Seoul

Scholar Academy is a growing academy located in Apgujungdong, Seoul. We started our operations in 2008 and have become the premier humanities academy in Seoul. Our students are primarily internationional school students such as SIS or KIS, or boarding school students from either America or other parts of the world. As a result, their English is proficient and so we do not focus at all on English instruction. Most of the students are in the top 10% of SAT test takers (1400+) so we do prefer our teachers to have a strong grasp of test prep and have minimum 4 year degress from an American institution since are focused on sending students abroad for college. We are looking to hire motivated individuals with a starting pay of 40,000/hr with possible incentives for raises after the first year. Both part time and full time are available. After a teacher becomes successful we are willing to do profit sharing with them.We are looking for the following

1) AP/IB United States History

2) AP/IB World History

3) AP/IB European History

4) AP/IB Art History

5) SAT I Reading/Writing

6) ACT English/Reading

The interview process is as follows

1) 10 minute Q/A

2) 10 minute mock class

3) 30 minute written test

The mock class should be over a topic familiar to the interviewee. The whole process should take no more than 50 minutes

We are looking for the following qualifications

1) 4 year degree from an American unviersity

2) minimum 2 year commitment

3) Hard Work ethic

Everything else can be trained.

Our location is at 강남구 신사동 629-1 하나빌딩 3 New address is 강남구 언주로151-21

The nearest subway stop is apgujung exit 3

Please email resumes and a picture to

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