Deep Dive – Famous Idioms Of Top CEOs

Deep Dive business English Idiom

Idiom: Deep Dive

Business English Idioms of Top CEOs

Idiom Meaning
Let’s do a deep dive – Let’s look at or explore something more deeply.
A deep dive can be an analysis, investigation or presentation.
About the CEO – Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is worth an estimated 3.1 billion. Let’s do a deep dive and see how he became successful.
First, he learned computer programming as a teenager.
Then he went to Harvard and started Facebook for other Harvard students from his dorm room in 2004.
Next, he expanded his social networking site to other universities.
Finally, he moved to California with some business associates
He then expanded Facebook into a global phenomenon.
Questions for Discussion
Have you ever done a deep dive into your customers’ needs?
What can you learn from doing a deep dive in business?
If you’re going to buy a home or vehicle would you do a deep dive?

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