Do these 3 celebrities have the stomach for Asia?

If you grew up watching classic shows like Happy Days and Star Trek, or you’ve seen “the champ’s” infomercials… then here’s a newsflash!

Henry Winkler, William Shatner, and George Foreman could be passing through a city in Asia near you.

Apparently, these three Hollywood hasbeens (with all due respect) have accepted the challenge to venture through Thailand, China, Korea, and Japan in a new reality show.

The reality series was actually inspired by a Korean show about grandpas (which was a huge hit in that country).

The no-frills travelogue show will have the five men getting around sans assistants, with only their wits (and a production crew). They’ll travel to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hong Kong, Kyoto, Seoul, and Tokyo to immerse themselves in the cultures and peoples (but hopefully not too much).

Traveling around Asia isn’t for the faint of heart, let alone if you’re as old as William Shatner (84). Mr. Winkler (69), or Foreman who weighs in at 66 years.

Wondering what inspired the wanderlust in these three senior thespians?

Maybe it’s for the money or the fame… or is “one night in Bangkok” still on their bucket lists?

The show starts filming this August.

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