Drones ‘swoop down on’ cheating students (when nothing else works)

Drones Exam China

Drones monitoring for cheaters during exams in China

Ever caught one of your students cheating on a test?

Then, how’s this idea for prevention?

Education authorities in China are cracking down on cheaters during the country’s annual high stakes college entrance exams.

And they’re using some pretty sophisticated technology (drones) to police an increasing number students who will do whatever it takes to score high on these make or break tests.

Last month, 23 people were arrested for trying to “arrange cheating” before the exam period began, according to The Associated Press, and hundreds more have made headlines for hiring “exam surrogates,” buying James Bond-esque spy gear, and even for wearing fingerprint film to pass machine checks as other students.

While cheating is never condonable, it is fathomable, especially in China.

Society there has put tremendous pressure on young adults to score highly on college entrance exams so they can get into top tier schools.

Graduating from an elite school in China paves the way for higher paying jobs, better marriage prospects, and elevated social status.

Perhaps if these exams were not based on rote memorization of facts, figures, and dates and instead emphasis was placed on critical thought in the form of essays and scientific hypotheses, then cheating would not even be an option.

But that would require an revamp of China’s entire education system. Can’t see that happening any time soon.

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