Earn 60 M KRW Per Year (Teaching English Test Prep In Seoul)

Looking for a committed and passionate person to teach TOEFL Writing – Reputable Hakwon – Seoul – at least 60 million WON guaranteed

 Samboh Foreign Language Institute needs a dedicated and enthusiastic person to join our TOEFL team! This position is only for TOEFL writing. Previous experience with the TOEFL exam – either studying for the test, teaching the test, or taking the test – is preferred but not required.


You will be responsible for teaching all levels of writing: 중급, 고급, and 실전 classes (Novice, intermediate, and advanced levels) – each writing class is 70-75 minutes long. You will have to vary your teaching style to the students’ ability levels. So, it is important to us that you can adapt your lessons and explanations to suit each level.

You are also obligated to grade the students’ homework based on the ETS’ grading rubrics for the writing section. There will be a grader who can help you with this process.

You will also be required to hold clinic sessions: this is time spent outside of class helping individual students or a small group of students to improve their writing score.

Time Commitment:

There are two seasons at Samboh:

  1. Busy season: Twice a year – Once at the start of January to the End of February; Another from the middle of June to the middle of August
    1. 8:30 am – 10 pm Monday – Saturday
  2. Regular seasons: The other months of year.
    1. 6:00 pm – 10 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
    2. 9:00 am – 1 pm Saturday and Sunday

i.         Please note that you may have breaks in your schedule and this depends on the number of students enrolled.

This is a wonderful opportunity for people who are seriously considering teaching as a full-time position. The 60 million WON per year is a MINIMUM GUARANTEED salary for the first year. The terms of your contract are negotiable with the employer. Please note that there will be a 6-week trial and evaluation period upon which we will decide whether you are a good fit for us.

Please attach your resume as well as a cover letter. We will contact you for an interview as soon as possible.

Thank you!

How to Apply

 You can call me to set up an interview time – 010-9267-8417.  My name is Jin.


You can email me via this forum!

Hope to hear from you soon!

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