English Editors – Work From Home

English Editors – Work From Home

Wanted: Telecommuting English Editors/Proofreaders for scientific research papers

NURISCO, English-language research paper editing service, provides unique perspective on the scientific document publication process.

The company aids clients at every level of the process of writing research papers – from students, professors, and scholars at high-level universities to over one hundred professional journal associations in Korea. The company is a reliable resource for professors of medical, engineering, bio-related fields, and other science fields from well-known universities. This comprehensive well of experience gives us insights into best practices in research writing, which we can pass on to our clients.

We’re looking for English-editors (proofreaders) in the following fields.

Major areas wanted
– All medical areas
– Biological area
– Mechanical engineering
– Electronics
– Computer Science / engineering

We are also looking for
– Chemistry related area
– Social & Business Area

It doesn’t matter where you live!
There are no limitations on working space, or working hours.
If you have Internet connection, you can work with us at any place, and any time.
We assign, and receive work via internet.
What you need to do is to offer good quality of editing/proofreading to our clients.
It is your decision to work full time, or as much as you can work per a week.

Editorial fee
7,000~8,000 won (approximately 6~7 USD)/per standard page.

*Page Standard
MS-word 24 Lines
Font: Times New Roman / Size 12
Margin: Left 3.0cm, Right 3.0cm

Please send your CV or resume via email to nurisco3@nate.com

Contact information
If you have questions about editing with Nurisco, please contact us directly:

Leon Kwon, Manager
Cell: +82-10-6754-6786
Tel: +82-2-927-5793~4
Fax: +82-2-927-0516
Email: nurisco3@nate.com
Website: www.nurisco.net

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