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Namseoul University is recruiting native English, Japanese and Vietnamese speaking professors for the February 2017, Spring semester. English teaching positions and major subject teaching positions are available. The university is located on a beautiful countryside campus near Seoul subway Line 1, between Cheonan and Pyeongtaek, one hour by train south of Seoul. Professors will enjoy a good salary, 4 months paid vacation time, a relaxed healthy lifestyle, with excellent modern facilities, including tennis courts, an indoor pool and fitness center.

Excellent professors are needed in the following subject areas:
English Conversation, Japanese Conversation and Korean to Vietnamese students.

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Qualifications: Masters’ degree in a related field, with at least 2 years of full time university lecturer experience preferred.

Job Description: Create the syllabus, teach classes 12 hours per week, 16 weeks per semester, create tests and grades, hold office hours, attend university ceremonies, input the syllabus and grades into the computer system. See our website

Full-time position, one year renewable contract, pension plan, a basic furnished apartment, and Korean medical/dental insurance are provided.

Salary: 28 million won/year with housing, 30 million won without housing

Required Documents: Cover letter stating your major area, resume, 3 reference letters, clear copies of ALL diplomas, certificates and transcripts, recent passport photo, copy of passport photo ID page, copy of Alien Registration Card and Visa if now in Korea, Career Certificates

All above documents should be emailed to Interviews will be held either in person, by phone, or online.

Successful applicants will mail hard copies of: Cover letter stating your subject area, resume, diploma copies affixed with an apostille, certificates, sealed transcripts, 5 passport photos, clear copy of passport photo ID page, copy of Alien Registration Card if now in Korea, Career Certificates/Proof of Employment, and a complete Criminal Background Check from your country’s government affixed with an apostille.

Mailing Address: Namseoul University 91 Daehak-ro, Seonghwan-eup, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-city, Chungcheongnam-do 31020 South Korea

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NAMSEOUL University Campus Korea

END OF JOB POSTING (Dec. 31, 2016)

This job below was originally posted November 16, 2016 (may have expired)

Instructors Are Needed For the Department of Academic Affairs

This teaching position is at NAMSEOUL University in Cheonan
City, Korea.


You will need an MA degree in one of the majors below.

You will also need 2 years teaching experience lecturing at a University.

Teachers will be employed in one of these departments:

The Biomedical Laboratory Department teaching Biomedical Sciences majors.

The Department of Japanese Studies teaching Japanese Conversation and Composition.

The General Education Department teaching students with majors in:
English Conversation, International Education, Courses for International General
Education, Korean Education as a Foreign Language (Nationality: Vietnam).

Please write down in your email and/or resume
which department you are applying for. You can only
choose 1 department to apply for.

About The Job

You will create student assessments, course syllabi and additional teaching materials
when needed and advising students.

This is a one year teaching contract which is renewable depending on performance.


  • Fully furnished housing.
  • Health insurance and pension plan
  • 5 Months paid vacation time each year (approx.)
  • 12 teaching hours per week

Teaching Salary

The yearly base pay is 28 Million Korean Won.
This includes accommodation, or 30 Million Korean Won
per year (WITHOUT accommodation).

Required Application Documents

Your resume with current passport pictures. Your passport photo page should be

A copy of your ARC card (Alien Registration Card) if you are currently working in

Letters of Reference. 2 required.

Any additional certificates of your employment history.

(Please ensure to document which department you are applying for)

Campus of NAMSEOUL University in Cheonan City

Successful applicants need to provide the following:

Copies of your university degrees, certificates, academic transcripts from both
your undergraduate and graduate courses.

Your academic university degrees must be aspostilled (if you’re from a partner

Also include 5 passport sized photos, your sealed transcripts, a criminal
background check verified by your country of origin including an apostille
in adherence with Korean immigration

The University will only contact qualified candidates.

The application deadline is November 24, 2016
(Korea Standard Time).

Interviews will be held in person. However, if you are not in Korea, an online
interview is possible.

Application Process

Submit your resume as well as your nationality and visa type along with your
cover letter, academic transcripts (scanned), employment certificates and
any other documents you feel are relevant.

Please submit your documents by email to:

If you need additional information of have questions please contact:
Academic affairs office, NAMSEOUL University
FAX +82-41- 582-2308


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