English Professor In Korea – Hangkuk University of Foreign Studies

Yongin Campus HUFS

English Professor In Korea – Hangkuk University of Foreign Studies

HUFS is hiring two university professors.

The start date is March 1, 2017.

The teaching salary is 2.64 Million Korean Won per month (before taxes).

The classroom teaching hours are 12 hours per week.

The overtime teaching hourly rate is 30,500 Korean won per hour.

Yongin is shaded in red on the Wikipedia map of Korea

Gyeonggi Yongin Korea


Masters Degree and 2 years of ESL teaching experience from an accredited school
in South Korea.

A Masters Degree in Education with a TESOL specialization is desired.

Teaching Responsibilities

Create English lesson plans to teach English for communications specific to work
related situations.

Employment situations include English for presentations, job interviews, resume
writing practice, and Business English.

Required Documents To Apply

  • Resume
  • Passport Copy (during interview)
  • Original diploma copy
  • Sealed transcripts
  • 3 pictures of yourself (needed for contract)

University Location

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) is situated in Yongin City.

Yongin is in Gyeonggi Province.

The school is a 50 minute bus ride (#1117 or a shuttle bus) from Jamsil subway
station in Seoul.

HUFS is a private university with four year degree programs.

Here’s a promotional video of HUFS Korea.

Additional Information

  • A housing allowance of 800,000 won per month will be given to the professor.
  • An E2 visa will be provided.
  • Vacation time is 16 weeks per year as well as Korean public holidays off.
  • Health insurance will be provided by HUFS
  • This is a one year contract (12 months).
  • Upon contract completion there is an option to renew the teaching contract

Please submit your resume and supporting documents for this job by 10:00 am
Korean Standard Time on October 5th, 2016.

Send your application package to:

Soon-young Cho e-mail: soonyoung@hufs.ac.kr

HUFS Global Campus (YONGIN)

The atmosphere of the Yongin Global Campus for Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
is much different than the Seoul campus.

The Yongin campus is outside of Seoul, which much less traffic and crowds of people

The Global campus is situated in Wangsan valley which is made up of beautiful flowers and

There is plenty of room for new campus development in Yongin. Approximately 2.6 million
square meters is available for future university buildings.

Students at the Global campus have a choice of living on site at the dormitory and can take
advantage of all on campus facilities, or they can commute by bus back to Seoul daily.

Contact Information

TEL: 82-31-330-4030
ADDRESS: #308 New Main Building
81 Oe-dae-ro, Mohyeon-myeon, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si,
Gyeonggi-do, Korea. 449-791

About Yongin

Yongin is home to the Korean Folk Village. Here’s a video tour 
of this popular tourist attraction.

More About HUFS

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Here are some current and former foreign English instructors/professors of
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Yongin.

Yongin Hangkuk University of Foreign Studies

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Don't confuse HUFS university with the language institute there.... Last thing you want is to think you'r joining a university and you end up at a hagwon.... I
I taught in the HUFS English department and English Education department and enjoyed my time there. The salary, working conditions and respect from students, staff and administration was good. If however, you work at the university hagwon, it's a completely different situation. I can't speak for the conditions specifically, but some of my friends worked there and it wasn't that great. I think salary and benefits are similar as noted by the 16 week vacation period in the ad above and the generous housing allowance. Avoid the HUFS cyber learning program though. This is more of a hagwon style teaching program.

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