English teacher sued by his Korean hagwon for 20 Million

English teacher fights in Korean Court

English teacher sued by his Korean hagwon for 20 Million

Here’s the story:

The teacher’s school releases him from his teaching contract in month 3 of a 12 month contract.  So, the teacher leaves the hagwon and finds a new teaching job.

Soon after, his former school holds back 2 million KRW worth of wages.

Teacher takes his case to labor board in Seoul.

School threatens to sue teacher for 20 million won.

School wins and teacher is told by the Korean court he must pay 20 million. Teachers wages at new school will be garnished until 20 million is paid back to former school. This could take years!

Here’s how teachers responded to his request for help:

Leave Korea!

What exactly was the teacher sued for?

I’m shocked this happens in Korea…

I heard of a teacher getting sued for defamation because of the letters she wrote to her parents about unethical practices of her hagwon. Is this the same situation?

He should counter sue his hagwon…

Sleep with your boss and she’ll drop the case (seriously)

He won’t win in Korea…

If he stays, he’ll pay…

Is “Dog” the bounty hunter now after you?

Will you stay in Korea and teach for 4 years to pay off what you owe your former school?

Do you have ties in Korea or a family that will prevent you from leaving?

Do you have a Korean lawyer?

How can the school sue you and why would the court vote in your school’s favour and will you be imprisoned if you don’t pay?

Here’s an article that “kind of references” this story..

“I felt really vengeful today toward someone who previously employed me,” said D. “She did not pay me some money and I sued her, and she countersued me for 10 times the amount.

“Because I’ve never got the notification to show up at court, the judge, by default, ruled in her favor and it’s about 20 million won,” D continued. “The reason I’m so angry is because it effectively forces me out of the country because I’m not going to pay it. That ruins my future plans.”

Heres a long comment thread about it. I couldn’t find any follow up information on the web about how it all ended for the guy…

Anybody hear anything more about this story? It happened a year ago…

Did he stay and pay, pull a midnight runner and leave Korea… or counter sue his former hagwon? 


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