English Writers – $45 Per Article

Writers Needed Currently Living in China

Hanacore is looking for writers currently living and teaching in China to write about their experiences on a contributing basis. We serve content to prospective post grad students looking to teach overseas. The writing assignments consist of standard articles, blog posts, and reviews of sojourns abroad. Compensation for new writers is as follows:

Article/blog – 800-1200 words – $25 per piece
Article/blog – 1200-1600 words – $35 per piece
Article/blog – 1600-2000 words – $45 per piece

To move forward in the selection process, we require that new writers submit a resume/CV and answer the following questions for consideration. Please email your responses to sphair@hanacore.com

1) Where do you currently teach? Which country/city?

2) How long have you taught there?

3) How long do you plan on being there?

4) Where have you taught in the past? List all countries you’ve taught in and how long you were there.

5) What is your nationality?

Please submit resumes/CV’s to sphair@hanacore.com for consideration.

Best Regards,

Shane Phair

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