EPIK Korea – What’s good and bad?

Here’s a video that talks about the pros and cons of teaching in the EPIK Program in Korea. EPIK stands for English Program In Korea.

EPIK is an English language education program sponsored by the Korean government. Foreign teachers from English speaking countries who meet the right qualifications are hired to teach with a Korean public school teacher in Korean public schools.

EPIK is considered better than teaching in private language schools in Korea. However, this video points out the good and the bad of the EPIK program.

Before you apply to EPIK, watch this 12 minute video.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Sharon in her video:


  • What’s it like living and teaching with EPIK in Chungju, Korea
  • What makes the EPIK program reputable compared with sketchy private schools/recruiters
  • What happens during the EPIK orientations in Busan and Daejeon
  • Why this one week orientation is important if it’s your first time in Korea
  • What an EPIK teaching contract looks like for English teachers
  • How many sick days and vacation days to expect if you join EPIK
  • What type of teaching hours you’ll get if you teach with EPIK
  • Will you get paid over time teaching with EPIK
  • What other benefits you can expect as part of the program
  • Why you can sleep comfortably at night if you choose EPIK
  • What recruiter you should use if you choose EPIK


  • Will you know where you’ll be placed with EPIK and do you have a choice
  • How soon will you find out about your placement
  • What ages will you’l be teaching in the public schools and does it matter
  • Will you be teaching boys or girls in Korean public schools
  • How to deal with the random procedure of EPIK
  • What the difference is between a POE and an MOE
  • Are you prepared to work in  some EPIK remote location with few if any foreign friends around
  • Why the pros outweigh the cons of EPIK

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