ESL instructor wins ‘Best Teacher’ award. Her windfall will surprise you.

Heard of Teacher’s Day?

It’s officially celebrated in 75 countries around the world on October 5th of each year (according to Wikipedia).

South Korea celebrates Teacher’s Day on May 15th. Educators there are given a carnation flower (among often other lavish gifts) as a token of of their students’ appreciation.

In Japan Teacher’s today is a public holiday, while in Korea and China it isn’t.

It’s nice to hear that teachers around the world are honoured on Teacher’s Day for their classroom contributions.

But, what other ways are teachers recognized during the academic year?

Recently, in Omaha, USA a public school, ESL teacher was given the Alice Buffet Outstanding Teacher Award. It’s an award for teachers that make a difference every day. In total 15 teachers have been given the award.

To receive the award, teachers are nominated by their students, former students, parents, fellow teachers, school administrators and the general public.

This year’s winner was Mary Malone, an ESL professional. And the gift she was given is nothing to sneeze at!

Malone received a $10,000 gift and $500 in McDonald’s Gift Certificates. Malone has already visited the hamburger eatery with those gift certificates – and 24 of her students. “We went to McDonald’s and practiced ordering in English,” Malone said.

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What kinds of appreciation or gifts have you received from your students or school on Teacher’s Day?

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