Best Part-Time Jobs for University Students

Best Part-Time Jobs for University Students

In college, your studies are your main priority, but the bills still need to be paid, right? However, we can’t always be asking our parents for pocket money. We’re adults now and it can get a little embarrassing.

What are your challenges with working while in college?

This ESL lesson will enhance your English speaking skill and help you evaluate part time job options.

Part I: Let’s Chat about the Photo

Part Time Jobs 1

1. What’s she doing with her left hand?

2. What type of beverage is she making?

3. What would you like to order from the menus on the wall?

4. How often do you go out for coffee with your classmates each week?

5. Would you prefer drinking from one of the paper or porcelain cups?

Part II: Take the Survey and Talk About It

1. What types of part-time jobs have you had?

Gas station attendant
Convenience store clerk
Coffee shop barista
Private tutor
Baby sitter
Library clerk
Fast food
Restaurant server
Bar server

2. Why did you get a part-time job?

Spare time
Work Experience

3. How many hours per week (including weekends) did you work?

1-5 hours
5-10 hours
10-20 hours
30-40 hours

4. Did you like your employer?


5. How much did you earn each hour?

$1 – $3 per hour
$3 – $5 per hour
$5 – $7 per hour
$7 – $10 per hour
$10 – $13 per hour
Over $13 per hour

6. What the most important benefit of having a part time job?

Spend more
Make friends
Broaden horizons
Gain experience

7. What made your part-time job stressful?

Too busy
Impatient customers
Unfair boss
I was under-trained
I was over-worked

8. Would you work there again?

It depends

9. Could you have gotten better grades in school if you didn’t have a part-time job?

Of course
Doubt it

10. Would your parents support your decision to take a part-time job?


Part III: Share Your Opinions

Part Time Jobs 2

 Discuss the Photo

1. What’s the woman doing in the room?

2. How many rooms do you think she’ll have to clean during an 8 hour shift?

3. What would you say is the worst part of her job?

More Discussion

4. Have you ever taken a dirty, difficult, or dangerous job?

5. What’s the minimum working age in your country?

6. Do you feel the minimum wage in your country is too low?

7. Should it be illegal for teenagers to work more than 20 hours per week?

8. Should it be illegal for teenagers to work past 10:00 in the evening?

9. Should college students who have part time jobs be exempt from paying taxes?

10. What would be the ideal part time job for you?

Did you enjoy this ESL Lesson? 

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