Love Your Job, But Hate Your Boss?

Love Your Job, But Hate Your Boss?

Unless you’re lucky enough to work for yourself, we all have a boss we have to answer to.

Just remember that your relationship with your boss is a unique one.

This ESL lesson will improve your English speaking ability. It will also teach you ways to maintain a good relationship with your boss.

Part I: Let’s Chat about the Photo

The Boss 2

1. Who do you think is the boss and why?

2. Why is the man distracted by his laptop screen?

3. What do you think they’re discussing?

4. What does the man’s posture say about his mood?

5. How often do you receive feedback from your boss?

Part II: Take the Survey and Talk About It

1. How long have you worked for your boss?

0-1 years
1-3 years
3-5 years
5-10 years
10 + years

2. How approachable is your boss?

Extremely approachable
Very approachable
Somewhat approachable
Not at all approachable

3. Do you aspire to have your boss’s job?


4. Do you think your boss likes his/her job?

I don’t know

5. Is your boss a micromanager?


6. What do your managers need to improve in your company?

Employee morale
Customer relationships

7. What little things sometimes annoy you about your manager?

He/she is always checking up on me
He/she sometimes asks me to do his/her work
He/she requests me to work late or come in early too often.
He/she embarrasses me in front of my coworkers.
He/she interrupts me while I’m working
He/she does NOTHING to annoy me.

8. How much more does your boss earn than you?

10 – 20%
20 – 50%
50 – 100%
Over 100%

9. How many more hours per week does your boss work than you?

1 – 3 hours
3 – 5 hours
5 -10 hours
10 – 20 hours
20 + hours

10. Do you think you have more experience or are smarter than your boss?


Part III: Share Your Opinions

The Boss 1

Discuss the Photo

1. Why is the young woman wearing a headset?

2. Who do you think is the manager and why?

3. What’s she reading in her notebook?

More Discussion

4. Do you have a female boss?

5. How many females managers are in your company?

6. Is there a glass ceiling for female managers in your country?

7. Would you prefer a male or female boss?

8. What’s the difference between working for a male boss vs. a female boss?

9. If your boss left your company and tried to recruit you, would you leave too?

10. Would any age difference prevent you from respecting your boss?

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