Trips Every College Student Wants to Take

Trips Every College Student Wants to Take

Taking a trip with your college friends can be an excellent way to get rid of stress or see new places and people.

The easiest trip to take is a road trip while a plane trip to a foreign land is costly, but more exotic.

When was the last time you took a trip and how did it make you feel?

This ESL lesson will enhance your English skill and give you ideas for your next college trip.

Part I: Let’s Chat about the Photo

Taking Trips 1

1. Where do you think the group is heading?

2. What items have they brought with them?

3. Why aren’t they wearing sandals?

4. Do any of the members have unique features or markings?

5. Are you allowed to drink alcohol at the beach in your country?

Part II: Take the Survey and Talk About It

1. What places have you taken trips to with your college friends?

The mountains
A lake
A forest
The sea
A foreign country
A temple
A river
A waterfall
A ranch

2. What kind of accommodations did you have on your trip?

5 star hotel
4 star hotel
3 star hotel
2 star hotel
Youth Hostel
Home stay
Under the stars (no shelter)

3. How many trips have you taken so far – while in University?


4. What was your ‘best’ memory (if any) of your trip?

Being with friends
The weather
The food
The scenery
The people we met
The wildlife we saw
The fresh air

5. What was your ‘worst’ memory (if any) of your trip?

We got food poisoning.
We overpaid for things.
We argued with each other.
We lost our directions.
We lost some or all of our belongings.
Someone got injured.
We got sunburned.
We got dehydrated.
The weather was awful.
We witnessed a crime.
We missed our bus, train, or plane.
Our vehicle broke down.

6. What percentage of university students in your country can afford to take short trips abroad these days?


7. American college students celebrate spring break by visiting famous beaches in Florida or Mexico? How do celebrate school breaks?

8. If you could take a trip abroad with college buddies for 1 week, where would you go and why?

9. Where would you go if you could have had a “gap year’? (a year off between high school and university).

New Zealand
South Africa

10. What’s the best place in your country to take international students studying at your college for a trip for a few days?

Part III: Share Your Opinions

Taking Trips 2

Discuss the Photo

1. Do these people look like siblings or classmates?

2. Do you think the man’s tattoo is real?

More Discussion

3. Would you travel alone in your country?

4. Would you travel alone abroad?

5. What parts of your city or country would you advise foreign visitors to avoid?

6. Have you or someone you know had a bad experience while traveling abroad?

7. What precautions should one take when traveling alone abroad?

8. Do you sympathize with tourists you who are caught using drugs in countries with very strict drug laws and are sent to jail for a very long time?

9. How do you feel about medical tourism? Is it something your country should offer?

10. When is the best time to travel the world – when you’re a college student, employed or retired?

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