Working Out: Are You a Gym Rat or Couch Potato?

Working Out: Are You a Gym Rat or Couch Potato?

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times before. Working out is good for you and sitting around watching TV or playing video games is bad.

Working out can regularly affect your mood, your intelligence at work or school, and keep you young!

Do you find time each day to work out, or are you skipping work outs too often?

This ESL lesson will develop your English conversation skills and help you decide what criteria is most important to when choosing a gym.

Part I: Let’s Chat about the Photo


1. What type of exercise equipment is the woman using?

2. What is the man doing with his hand?

3. Why does she have a towel around her neck?

4. How fast do you think she’ll go on this machine?

5. Do you think this type of exercise is boring?

Part II: Take the Survey and Talk About It

1. How many times a week do you exercise?

5 or more
3-5 times
1-3 times
Not at all

2. When is the most convenient time for you to exercise?

Early mornings
Mid mornings
Late afternoons
Early evenings
Late evenings

3. When you exercise, how long do you typically do it for?

Less than 30 minutes
30 minutes to 1 hour
1 hour or more

4. What’s the most important reason you exercise?

Lose weight
Gain muscle
Tone up
Gain definition
Gain strength
Have more energy
Reduce stress
Improve overall health

5. Do you own home exercise equipment?


6. If you own it, do you use it much?


7. What your top excuse that prevents you from getting to the gym?

No money
No time
No motivation
Health issues
Too much stress
Another reason

8. What type(s) of aerobic exercise do you do?

Running outdoors

9. Do you do weight resistance exercises?


10. How satisfied are you with your level of physical fitness?

Very Satisfied

Part III: Share Your Opinions

Workout 2

Discussion Activity

You’ve been given the task of selecting a gym near your office for the company’s employees. The company will pay for 80% of the membership fees and employees are expected to pay the rest.

Below are the criteria for selecting a fitness centre. Rank the criteria from 1 (most important) down to 10 (least important).

Discuss and reach consensus with your instructor and classmates.

10 Fitness Centre Criteria

• Proximity to Office
• Hours of Operation
• Members – Age, Male, Female, Co-ed
• Personal Trainers available
• Cleanliness of Facility
• Availability of Equipment (people waiting in line)
• Modern Equipment
• Classes Offered (Yoga, Zumba, etc.)
• Membership Fees (deposit, monthly, etc.)
• Sauna, Showers, Hot tub

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