Foreigners Talk About Awkward Situations In Korea

Foreigners Discuss The ‘Awkward’ Things About Living in Korea

Why is there a stereotype in Korea that “white girls” are easy or prostitutes?

What happened to make people think that?

When I was there I had older people arguing with me to sit on the train when I would try to let them have a seat before me.

Foreigners living in South Korea discuss the stereotypes and odd situations they’ve encountered in public places in Korea.

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“You Can’t Date My Son”: Interracial Dating in South Korea

Interracial Dating in KoreaSo after a few months of not meeting any one datable in my town, I took to a dating app to help reel in some prospects.

The usual creeps rolled in but there was one (Korean) guy I sparked with.

A black female English teacher working in a small town in Gangwon province describes her dating experiences with Korean men. Read More


From English Teacher to YouTuber in Korea

English teachers now is famous youtuberSomebody asked me what it was like transitioning from an English teacher in Korea to a YouTuber in Korea.

And a lot of you guys constantly ask me “do you miss being an English teacher and stuff like that?”

But actually, my goal was to…Cho Nun Migook Saram talking a lot about stuff relating to her transition to being a YouTuber. Watch video


English Teachers Killed in Korean Hit and Run Accident

ESL Teacher In Korea killedAZ Central – Sarah Dinell of Chandler, who had spent more than a year teaching children in South Korea, was killed in a hit-and-run accident there Sunday, police said.

Dinell, a 2015 Arizona State University graduate, was an English teacher…

This hit and run accident occurred in Ulsan.

Ulsan police said the driver was impaired at the time of the accident. Read More


10 Tips for First-Time Teachers in South Korea

Tips for First Time English Teachers in South KoreaGreenheart – Deciding to teach English in South Korea was not hard, but teaching definitely has been.

I teach at two middle schools in Ulsan, South Korea, where the kids are between 12 and 14 years old and, oh man, are they a handful!

Emily is an English teachers from MN, USA.

She is currently working in Ulsan, South Korea.

Emily teaches middle school kids and has been in Korea 3 months. Read More


Tattoos go mainstream in Korea

Tattoo popularity in KoreaKorea Times – Having a tattoo was once considered something of a taboo in Korean culture.

Often relegated to the realm of counterculture and seen as a surefire way to fail a job interview, tattoos have started to go mainstream…

A Korean man covered in Tattoos discusses why people get them and how it’s a personal choice just like to smoke or not to smoke cigarettes.

Peoples choices have to be respected. Read More


Why do crimes against foreigners in Korea sometimes go unpunished?

Foreign victims of Korean crimesAseantoday – South Korea is a reasonably safe country when it comes to such matters as personal property, but what about violent acts?

And what happens when one party is not a Korean citizen?

Crimes against foreigners living and working in Korea can happen.

Not long ago two foreigners witnessed a Western woman being beaten by a Korean man.

How was it handled? Learn more about this issue. Read More


Jeju Island in Korea is the tropical island you’re searching for

Jeju Korea Island paradiseTravelWireAsia – If you’ve been to many of Asia’s tourist-heavy beach islands, you can certainly pin down what to expect…

… tourists tanning on lazybeds, raucous beach parties till sundown…

Jeju Island in southern Korea is considered the Hawaii of South Korea.

It’s famous for couple vacations and honeymoons. Here’s why you should visit. Read More 


Fathers jailed for raping children’s teacher in S Korea

Korean teacher rapedTodayOnline – A South Korean court on Thursday (Oct 13) handed down prison sentences of up to 18 years to three men.

The men raped their children’s teacher in a case that shocked the country.

Three men were jailed in Mokpo for raping the 20-year-old in Heuksan island, Korea in May.Read More


Korea launches website for foreign tourist complaints

Foreign Tourist Complaint Line KoreaKorea Times – Foreign tourists in Korea can now lodge complaints on a government website that was launched Monday.

The “Tourist Complaint Center,” allows foreigners to report any illegal, wrongful…

Foreigners can report any illegal or wrongful doing they experience in Korea through this website. Read More


Is Korea the Worst Place To Raise An Expat Family?

Expat Family Korea RankingBusanHaps – Korea ranked dead last on the 2016 HSBC Expat Explorer Survey to raise a family, one of the largest global independent surveys of expat living. The survey, now in its ninth year, ranked Korea…

The expat family index used 9 categories for their ranking. Some include tolerance of culture, social life, health and 6 more criteria. Read More


No Money, No Honey In Korea

In Korea money means loveKorea Times – Some people say today’s young people are the generation with three no’s _ no dating, no marriage and no job.

This is a sad portrayal of Korea today where many believe that love…

Korea’s youth is learning quickly that they need to earn money just so they can have a date.

Income is the most important criteria in order to have a girlfriend or boyfriend. Read More


How To Keep A Healthy and Fit Lifestyle While Teaching in Korea

Getting Fit for ESL TeachersAclipse – Prior to moving abroad to teach English in Korea, one of my concerns was about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

At home, I enjoyed regularly exercising at a gym and have done so for years…

Many foreigners gain weight and lose muscle when they first come to Korea.

Gym routines they had at home aren’t as regular and they find themselves eating out more. Read More


People In South Korea Are Leaving Their Babies In ‘Drop Boxes’

Baby boxes in KoreaQuirlyCues – Many unwanted babies are left to die in the streets of South Korea.

So a pastor named Lee Jong-Rak came up with a solution to help people anonymously drop off their babies in ‘safe boxes’…

A South Korean pastor is helping save unwanted babies from perishing in the streets of South Korea.

He came up with a baby drop box. He was shocked when he saw what happened. Read More

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