Get a ‘free’ degree in Germany (even if you’re an international student)

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So, you’ve been teaching English overseas for a year or two now…

It has been an eye opening, life changing experience… and you’ve managed to save up some cash.

Want to raise the bar and try something completely different?

How about Germany?

Since October, 2014 Germany has been offering free degrees to international students. (you have to study and earn it of course).

So, what this means to YOU is that a degree in Germany on the house!

(delicious German beer not included)

“We will not introduce tuition fees for international students,” says Krach, the Secretary of Science. “We don’t want the entry to college to be dependent on your social status and we don’t want that the exchange between countries is only dependent on the question of finances.”

I know what you’re thinking. Nothing is for free and what’s the catch?


If you enrol as an international student in a German university you’re still responsible for paying your accommodations, food, health insurance, transportation fee and a small semester fee ($20 USD per month).

In total your monthly expenses might average around $600 USD per month.

So, why is the German government offering free degrees?

They know that if only 40% of international students stay and work in Germany for 5 years and pay taxes, they’ll recoup the tuition fees.

Imagine studying for free in Germany and tripping around Europe (with the savings you socked away after just couple of years teaching ESL).

And then a chance to work in Germany after you graduate…

Oh, and if you don’t speak German it’s still possible to attend classes there in English.

Sounds Wunderbar!

Read original article and watch video in the BBC News

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Get a ‘free’ degree in Germany (even for international students)


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