Go On Patrol With Korea’s Suicide Rescue Squad

Go On Patrol With Korea’s Suicide Rescue Squad

Believe it or not, Korea has the #1 rate of suicide among OECD nations.

Some Koreans are driven to suicide due to social reasons and their failure to integrate or succeed in Korea’s “pressure cooker” society.

One of the most popular places for suicide attempts is made on the Han River bridge

In this Vice video go on patrol with Yeouido’s Water Rescue Unit as they attempt to rescue the “river jumpers”.


Tom Cruise In Korea To Promote ‘Never Go Back’ Sequel

Tom Cruise visited Seoul for the 8th time in his career to talk about his new Jack Reacher movie.

Tom and film maker filmmaker Edward Zwick sat down with Korean journalists for a 2 day press conference at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Seoul.

Over the two days Cruise talked about his impressions of Korea, his films, and character Jack Reacher.

Watch video below and read more about Cruise’s trip in the dailymail.co.uk.


Discriminatory HIV Tests Continue for English teachers

Foreign teachers must get HIV tests in Korea

To teach English in Korea you need an HIV Test.

To teach English in Korea, Christina had to prove she was not HIV-positive.

The US citizen was reluctant, but complied with the rule, undergoing a blood test for HIV and submitting the results to local authorities in order to get a job at a public school.

When she found out that Korean and Korean-American teachers at the school were exempted from the test despite doing the same job, she was offended. Read More at the Korea Herald.


Five Foreigners Who Speak Korean Exceptionally Well

Foreigners Fluent In Korean

Julian Quintart from Belgium who came to Korea when he was 17 years old.

Here’s a shortlist of 5 foreigners living in Korea who have taught themselves to speak Korean extremely well.

So, well that they’ve all had television appearances and have become famous in Korea.

These days so many foreigners are coming to Korea to learn Korean.

With the K-Pop craze and huge interest in Korean fashion, food and music, Korean language programs are on the rise.

If you want to learn Korean, here are your mentors!

If you want to hear their stories and get their best tips on how to master Korean (we know you’re all trying), then don’t miss this blog post!

Read More at 90dayKorean


Dave – I wonder if the white people from English speaking countries would treat the many Koreans who can speak English “incredibly well” as if they are gifted and make them stars. Foreigners who can now carry on a simple conversation in Korean after having studied & lived here full time for over 3 years become celebrities in this country. You gotta love the inferiority complex Koreans still suffer from. 백인이라면 무조건 좋다는 자부심 없는 병신

Ronda –  The thing is the Koreans know how difficult their language is and how few people care to put the effort into learning it. When I lived in Romania, Everyone was trying to learn to speak a foreign language, and I talked to them about it. The response was that they were a small country, and no one would learn their language, so they had to learn foreign languages if the want to speak to the rest of the world. Koreans learn English and don’t expect people to.learn Korean. When they do, the Koreans feel complemented that the person put that much time into it and are in awe because they know they have a very difficult language. According to the American government, Korean is the second hardest language in the world. You are a native English speaker, so you can go to almost any country in the world and find someone who speaks your language. Koreans can’t do that. They have to learn to speak English to communicate with people from other countries. English is a much easier language than Korean. We don’t have all the levels of speech that they do. We don’t have all the fancy constructions that Korean does. Korean can seem overwhelming to foreigners, and I know many who just gave up because it takes so much effort just to basically learn to speak, and they didn’t have the stamina or just couldn’t fathom the way things are done in Korean. It is easier for us to learn a language like Spanish, so if someone learns Korean, it is a big deal, and I understand the Koreans appreciating people who learn.

Jong-mi – What is a big deal of that whoever learns korean? I learned English, too. I am a korean and want to learn french. I still love french language because of beautiful accent amd sound. These people might want to learn korean just like me. I am still learning English and french. Thank you

Twelve Foreigners You’ll Meet In Korea

12 foreigners you might meet in South Korea

Vlogger Vil talks about the types of Foreigners you’ll meet in Korea

There are several types of foreigners you’ll bump into in South Korea.

The one you’ll meet the most is the English teacher. There are 3 subcategories about teachers.

First there are the ones who came to Korea because they love teaching.

Then., there are those that came to Korea because they wanted to experience living abroad…

And lastly, there are teachers who actually hate teaching and came to Korea just to party or pay off their debts.

Learn about the other 11 types of foreigners in Korea… Watch Video on Vil Vlogs 


100 Blocks a Day In Korea

You've got 100 blocks a day in the ROK

Break down your 100 blocks a day in Korea.

Most English teachers in Korea sleep about 6-7 hours a night. 

We teach late, stay up late, and wake up late.

It can be a tough grind, but most will admit, it’s not boring….

So… what exactly do you do for the rest of your 17 hours while you’re awake each day? Or about 1,000 minutes.

If you broke down those 1,000 minutes into 100 10 minute blocks, how would you fill them in Korea?

Are you using your time wisely, or drowning yourself in soju?

Check out Tim Urban’s popular 100 Blocks a day exercise at Wait But Why  to learn about yourself.


Korean Restaurants Ban Children

Restaurants in South Korea Ban Kids

A Korean mother and her child leaving a Korean restaurant in which they were refused service.

A Korean court recently ordered two restaurants to pay 10 Million won and 47 million won to two Korean children who were scalded while dining.

Because such large settlements were awarded to the children, other Korean restaurant owners got nervous about the dangers of children in their eating establishments.

Such heavy fines which could bankrupt smaller restaurants given the intense competition and saturation of restaurants in Korea.

Korea is following in the footprints of US food establishments who’ve created child free zones for kids of a certain age.

This is mostly for etiquette, health and safety reasons but it is creating controversy in Korea. Read More in Korea Times


Here’s Why Korea Could Be The Trendiest Country On The Planet

Here's why Korea is the coolest place on Earth

The annual Boryeong Mud Festival in Korea.

When it comes to technology, shopping, nightlife, and new cuisine,  South Korea is pretty hard to beat.

Know for having some of the fastest Internet speeds in the world, 24 hour shopping extravaganzas, and cheap bulgogi and soju, you’ll soon see why.

Want to know more about what draws thousands foreigners visitors and expats to travel there very year, then

Watch this video on BuzzFeed


The Trouble With International Marriages

Challenges with international marriages in Korea

Ahn Jae-sung counsels Korean men like Mr. Choi at the International Marriage Victims’ Center.

A lonely 39 year old Korean high school teacher marries a woman from Uzbekistan via a Korean matchmaker.

He and his foreign bride divorced soon after leaving him feeling cheated and embarrassed.

Once a week Choi visits the International Marriage Victims’ Center in Incheon to talk to other men who’ve been through the same thing.

To hear Choi Eun-suck full story, keep reading at the Korea Joonang Daily.

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