Think Twice Before Driving A Scooter To Your English School

Think Twice Before Driving A Scooter To Your English School

For most of us teaching English in densely populated cities in Asia or the Middle East, the odds are very high that if you drive a motorcycle and hit a slick spot, or have a tire blow out while on the road, you’ll most likely slam into an oncoming bus, car, or or even a local pedestrian (perhaps a student on the way to your institute).

The reality is… there are just too many moving targets in crowded cities like Beijing and Seoul to avoid (when you lose control of your bike). I have a hard enough dodging people, when I’m sober and walking down a straight sidewalk in a crowded city street in Seoul let alone navigating on a motorbike.

Motorcycles, unlike cars don’t give you a warning sign when your bike tire is about to slide, bust, or blow. When any of these unfortunate events happen it will cause you to be thrown from the bike into whatever obstacle is in your way.

Chinese scooters for example, are sold cheaply, but built cheaply. I’ve heard the tires feel like they were made of snail slime especially when wet.

So, while it’s tempting to buy a motorcycle, since they look like fun, they’re great on gas, and you’ll shave time off your commute to your English school, you should also know this:

In most foreign countries, you will most likely end up in jail or get sued (or both) because you killed or injured someone even though it was an accident even if you are remorseful.

Logic often isn’t taken into account in overseas accidents, especially since your’e a foreigner (perhaps with money). And the victim needs to blame someone and that will come in the form of cash or jail time or something worse….

And whatever you do… don’t have even 1 alcoholic drink and then foolishly hop on your motorcycle in countries like China or Saudi Arabia. The penalty for drinking and driving in China is life in prison or death in the KSA.

Even in Korea if they detect any alcohol on you when you get pulled over (with their high tech hand held gadgets) you’ll be fined, and you’ll lose your license. or worse. Sure you might be able to bribe your way out, but that’s risky!

Every day foreigners tourists are killed while driving motorcycles while on vacation in Thailand… And stay away from Tuk Tuks (if possible).

Safe commuting!


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