How much should I invest for a TEFL certificate overseas?

How much should I invest for a TEFL certificate overseas?

If I look at tuition, books, visa, air travel, accommodations, transportation and food, what are we calculating in total here for a 4 or 5 week TEFL course?

To do a course in Europe I’ve heard you’ll need about $6000 – $7,000 USD in your bank account to even apply for the visa and take the course. Then there are the visa issues..

Would doing it in Europe even guarantee me a job there?

Some teachers suggest going to Thailand or South East Asia and getting a CELTA in those countries because it’s much cheaper. About $2,000. You can get away without a TEFL certificate in Korea if you have just a degree.

I’ve also heard that even if China you might need a TEFL certificate to get a good job. Some jobs don’t require it. Some schools will try to recruit you without a Z visa. Don’t do it. You’ll be illegal.

Most teachers in China I’ve heard don’t have much more than a 40 hour online TEFL certificate. Schools there will relax their TEFL requirements as long as you have any old TEFL course, though.

Still I hear some people saying you must be 25 years old, have a degree, and two years experience to qualify for a Z visa in China.  Confused!

Even if you don’t have a TEFL certificate you can still do an MA in TESOL. A TEFL/TESOL certificate is NOT a requirement to do a Masters…

I’ve heard Chiang Mai might be a good place to go and do the course at International’s House in Thailand.

It’s cheaper to take the TEFL up in northern Thailand than Bangkok and Phukett. There’s also Vietnam where I’ve heard several courses are available. Any recommendations?

Some suggest that if you really want to do your CELTA in Europe consider Poland. The school is International School Wroclaw.

I’ve also seen that Czech is an option like Poland, but you need to apply for a temporary residence card and business license (self employed) to get in… to apply for it though.

Seems like a lot of paperwork for Czech, but a lot of Americans seem to be studying. there. It appears cheaper than the rest of Europe.

Hungary is also worth considering for TEFL. I’ve been told to check out IH Budapest because it’s cheap and has a good reputation…

I suppose if I really wanted to do a TEFL (on the cheap) I could do it online back home for $50 through groupon or spend a few hundred dollars which would include some real classroom teaching experience.

I’m leaning towards southeast Asia at this point. Any other ideas or countries?


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