How To Get A Korean Driver’s License [VIDEO]

How To Get A Korean Driver’s License [VIDEO] Important!

These two dudes went out and got DRIVING LICENCES in Korea and then explain step by step how you can get one YOURSELF!

They found the process confusing at times and wish there had been a video to explain what to do – so they made one for you…

That is… if you want to get behind the wheel in Korea!

Here’s what you’ll learn in the video below from Bap Mokja and Haeppy

  • Should you trade in your foreign license or not?
  • How long does it take to do the Korean driver’s tests?
  • How can you take a driver’s test if you don’t speak or read Korean?
  • What forms you’ll need to take the test?
  • The 3 tests you’ll need to take in order to get your license
  • What ID cards  and how many photos you’ll need to take the driver’s test?
  • Is an eye test required?
  • How much the stamp and forms cost?
  • Which 3 safety video course options you can take
  • One weird tip for watching the safety video
  • What types of test questions you can expect during the driver’s test
  • How many question there are in the test and how fast you’ll learn if you passed or failed
  • What to expect during the instrumentation test
  • Tips for you not to lose points during the instrumentation test
  • What score you’ll need to pass the instrumentation test
  • Some words of wisdom if you fail the instrumentation test from the boys
  • How long you’ll need to wait to take the actual road test after you complete the instrumentation test
  • What to expect during the road test and some dos and don’ts
  • Additional tips from the guys on Korean driving laws before you take your test
  • What you should know about u-turns and parallel parking in Korea
  • The final application steps if you pass your road test

Watch This Video!

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