I lived in Korea for 5 years. Here’s what happened when I came home to Nebraska.

I lived in Korea for 5 years. Here’s what happened when I came home to Nebraska.

TheWeek.com – I spent five years living in the clamour of Seoul, South Korea, and the smaller provincial capital of Jeonju. When I finally returned home to rural Nebraska, the silence was palpable. The negative space had an almost oppressive quality. Read More

Leaving Korea for Nebraska

Overseas I met more than a few people who tried to move back and couldn’t.

10 Ways Living As A Foreigner In Korea Is Like ‘The Walking Dead”

10 Magazine –  Here are just 10 of the [possibly many] ways that Korean expat life somewhat aligns with the land of The Walking Dead. (And if The Walking Dead isn’t your thing, you could always check out…  Read More

walking dead = living like a foreigner in korea

Signs Don’t Always *Quite* Mean What They Say

Arrests: 800 foreigners booked in 100 days in Korea

Korea Times – Police booked more than 800 foreigners for allegedly committing crimes during a special 100-day crackdown from July 4. The National Police Agency said Tuesday 803 foreigners involved in 348 cases were booked and 136 were arrested in the period. Read More
foreigners arrested in South Korea

800 foreigners booked in Korea for crimes

Healthy Eating in Korea for Expats

10 Magazine – Often times the most difficult part of moving to Korea from abroad can be the transition from an environment where organic, fresh, local produce is readily available to one where these options are few and limited. Read More
Eating as an Expat in Korea

Here are several healthy eating options and delivery services while living in Korea

English Kindergartens to be Banned in Korea

Korea Portal – English-teaching kindergartens are facing the possibility of losing their business licenses. This is in line with the government’s decision on English Kindergartens to be banned in Korea. Violators may either pay a total of 5 million won ($4,370) or be completely shut down, that’s according to the education ministry. Read More

English kindergarten banning in Korea

English kindergartens in Korea to be banned

Stress dominates every aspect of life in South Korea

The Irish Times – South Korea and Ireland share little in common. Guinness is popular and young people like Conor McGregor, but other than that, it’s a very different country. Although developed and highly modernised, it’s still a very conservative society. It takes time for the Irish to fit in… Read More

Stress dominates in Korea

Ciaran Maguire with his students at a foreign language school in Daegu

Inside the Intense Training Centers Where Young Girls Compete to Be K-Pop Stars

BroadlyVice – For those who hope to make it in South Korea’s K-pop music industry, training centers like Def Dance Skool are a rigorous, expensive first step to stardom—though few students will actually get a contract with a major label. Read More

Inside Korean Training Centres for Kpop hopefuls

Korean K-Pop Training Centre

South Koreans are going crazy for fried chicken — and it’s causing a battle in the market

Business Insider – Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.Global poultry producers hoping to cash in on South Korea’s craze for fried chicken and beer face a market crowded with local birds that have clipped prices and profits for Korean growers. Read More 

Koreans love fried chicken

A man eats a piece of a fried chicken at a pub in Seoul, South Korea,

Number of native-speaking English teachers drops in Korea

Korea Herald – The number of native English teachers in South Korea has dropped by nearly 42 percent over the past five years, mainly due to shortages in education budget, the latest data showed Thursday. Read More

Native speakers Korea

Native speaker demand dropping in South Korea

Americans adopted this Korean man when he was three. Now 41, he’s being deported.

The Sydney Morning HeraldWashington: Adam Crapser was born in South Korea but, when he was three years old, an American couple adopted him. Until recently, he lived in Vancouver, Washington state, with his daughters and his pregnant wife. Read More

Korean adoptee to US deported

Adam Crapser, left, with daughters Christal, one, Christina, five, and his wife, Anh Nguyen, in the family’s living room in Vancouver, Washington state

He’s on a mission from God — in South Korea

Ledgar Transcript – Drew Horne has decided to put his life on hold for the next two years so that he can do something he has long been passionate about: helping to spread the word and teachings of Christ. Horne, a Rindge resident, departed recently for Utah so that he can undergo a three-month training session, a preamble to his Mormon mission trip to South Korea. Read More

Mormon preaches in Korea

Rindge resident Drew Horne recently departed for Utah to be trained as a missionary in South Korea

On the trail of South Korea’s high-tech peeping Toms

Yahoo News – Walking into an empty women’s bathroom stall, Park Kwang-Mi waves a hand-held detector around the toilet seat, paper roll holder, doorknob and even the ventilation grill on the ceiling. “It’s my job to make sure there’s no camera to film… Read More

perverts in Korea

Device used to stop ‘peeping’ technology in Korea

Workaholic Koreans Are Taking More Time to Relax

Bloomberg -After 16 years managing money for some of South Korea’s most prestigious investment firms, Park Sung-jin needed a break. So last December, the 48-year-old did something that had long been taboo in one of the world’s hardest-working countries: Read More

workaholic Koreans no more

Workaholic Korean Park Sung Jin taking a break from corporate life at investment firm.

Seoul’s Hottest Club Is The Plastic Surgery Clinic

WM Magazine -South Korea has reportedly had the highest ratio of plastic surgery procedures per capita in the entire world. In Seoul, which is home to over 10 million people it’s been estimated that between one-fifth and one-third of women have had work done. Read More

Plastic surgery popularity in South Korea among women

Seoul has the highest plastic surgery rate per capita.

Same-Sex Marriage Is Still Illegal in South Korea. But Our Symbolic Wedding Made People Dream.

Huffington Post -In 1970, before I started kindergarten, I had the most fun playing house. We played many other Korean children’s games, such as “dabangu,” stick tossing, hide and seek, and “squid,” but playing house was my favorite. However, the game was mostly played by girls. Read More

gay marriage Korea

Kim Jho Gwang-Soo (L), a South Korean movie director who is gay, and his partner Kim Seung-Hwan (R)

Korean Employers told to give workers longer Chuseok holiday for staff

Korea Times– The government has recommended the business community extend the Chuseok holiday to nine days, officials said. Workers usually have a three-day holiday on Chuseok, the Korean version of Thanksgiving Day. Read More

Chuseok holiday extension

Chuseok holiday is a thanksgiving celebration in Korea


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