I spent 17 years abroad as a TEFL teacher – what do I do now?

I spent 17 years abroad as a Tefl teacher – what do I do now?

17 years living in Taiwan

The Dear Jeremy Advice column in the Guardian published a question from a teacher who spent nearly two decades teaching English in Taiwan. It’s certainly a dilemma.

After 17 years in Taiwan as a TEFL teacher, I made the break. I could never face teaching again, and need a complete change. As I spent so much time abroad I had little chance to try other careers…

This teacher had plenty of time to change careers, but it’s easy for people to get into a routine or rut, especially being away from close friends and family.

It might be a bit late to give up teaching completely. Perhaps moving to a new country and finding a role as an editor or tour guide might be a transferable skill?

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