I’m looking for a teaching job overseas. Can you help?

I’m looking for a teaching job overseas. Can you help?

Are you still looking for a job in Seoul? I assume you have a degree

Yes always  I’m waiting on my transcripts.

Are you interested only in Korea?

Yeah I love Korea. But what else do you have to offer

I focus 80% on Korea for introducing teachers to schools. I also recruit for Thailand, China, UAE, Which city in Korea and what are your salary expectations?

I would prefer to be close to a major city like Seoul. If I’m not in Seoul at least I can catch a train for the weekend or bus, cause I like to travel to Seoul for the weekend. Thailand sounds nice. When it comes to the amount I make I prefer to make as much as possible. Whatever the top payout is overseas I’d like to get.

I’m having issues getting my transcript because I owe on my student loan. Is it possible to get a teaching job without a transcript when I have a degree and everything else?

Okay, ideally within an hour by bus from Seoul. Do you have a degree?

Yes, I have a degree but I can’t get my transcripts.

University transcripts are used more for public school positions, but some private schools may ask for them as well.

Wanted to ask you another question. Do you have PE jobs available in Korea? I played basketball professionally in China and Mexico and coached. I think China would be a nice place to go. I’ve actually lived in Korea before. Korean would be my number 1 choice. I’m really good with kids. Kindergarten to Elementary. I don’t care for middle school or high school jobs.

Okay, ideally Korea with younger children, in Seoul or close to Seoul. So you’re in Beijing right now? If you got the right job offer in Korea when would you be able to move? Interesting that you lived in Korea before. Were you teaching or serving there?

I’m actually in America right now. If I got a good job in Korea I’d be willing to go. I’ve lived in Korea before. I was a teacher about 8 years ago. I worked in a small town about 8 years ago. I also coached some basketball there. I taught it and then doing business with a Korean friend teaching kids basketball. That’s great. Korea is a good place. Very comfortable for foreigners. I’ll see what jobs we have for Korea and even Thailand.

What are your salary expectations for Korea? Did you play pro ball in Korea or China?

Like I said with the salary I’d like to get as much as I can.I know when I worked in Korea I got $2,300 per month. I would also get overtime. I would get $3,000 a paycheque. Korea is a great place to live and I love the country. That’s why I’m willing to go back. You could also let me know about Thailand. I’m interested in that country. Also could you tell me about the UAE to see if it’s a good place to go.

Salaries are nowhere near what they’d be in Korea… UAE is the United Arab Emirates  Dubai. Most schools there require education degrees. Salaries are highest in the UAE. But you’ll need an education degree to get over there.

The one thing you can do is tell the school I’m really good with children. You can see my page with multiple ages of kids. I enjoy teaching kids all over the world. Kids know when they meet a teacher if it’s a good person or bad person. I don’t think I’d go to the Middle East.

Yes, I’m looking on your docs right now. Thanks. Do you have a resume with a chosen photo I could show to schools?

I need to create another resume because I’ve been teaching and training basketball. I’ll send you a picture and update my teaching resume for you. Feel free to use any of my pictures for the school to show them in Korea.

Just send me the resume you have right now with a photo and that’s good. If you could highlight your teaching experience in Korea 8 years ago that would be great. For example, school, location, age levels, duration. etc. Actually you’ve got a lot of good pics of yourself teaching kids basketball in China. Thanks for the chat. They’ll ask me for a resume, so when you get a chance please send it 

When I taught in Korea I had to go to a different school everyday. I completed a one year contract but didn’t get hired back. All of the schools loved me, but one teacher had an issue with me because I wasn’t teaching the way she did. Anyway, I’l send you my documents shortly. Thanks.

Want to change schools but stay in Bundang, Korea

Are you still looking for a teaching job in Bundang?

Yes, I am! Both my boyfriend and myself

So only Bundang, kids or adults, and same housing? Any other preferences?

Kids and same housing! Other than that I am pretty flexible

Thanks. What are your salary expectations. Also, when would you be available to start a new job in Bundang? I need some dates to give the schools, if you provide us with an estimate. Then  I can inquire with schools on offers. I have 5 jobs to send you for your review.

As for my salary expectations I’m am hoping for the best deal possible, perhaps 2.3-2.5 depending on the hours. We are looking to start in June.

Okay thanks. I had a couple of jobs in that salary range in late February in Bundang, but they’re gone now. I’ll check for new inventory.

We’ve got some jobs paying 2.4 to 2.7… Would you mind sending your resumes so we can work on some others?

Sure, I’ll send it…

My friend wants to come to Daegu to teach. I’m already there…

Was wondering how you find out about all the university posts. I’m looking for a post for when my current contract ends. It ends in January next year.

I don’t recruit for university jobs. Only private and public hagwons (adults and children). Hope you found a good job in January.

Yes thank you very much. I managed to get a position with EPIK this year. I would like to know if you have any positions or requirements available. My friend would like to apply to come this side as early as May


Would it be possible to get a public position or at least a private one with good working hours and reasonable pay

Public schools require a 4 year degree, TEFL certificate and are more competitive. Of course there are many private institutes in Daegu. Does your friend have a specific age group and would need housing right?

He has a 4 year degree and will get a tefl soon. He doesn’t have a specific age and would need housing.

It usually takes about 4 weeks to process an E2 teaching visa. Does he have all of his visa documents prepared and a criminal background check done?

Do you mind if I put you in touch with him so you may clarify anything you might need to know with him

Sure, no problem. Meantime, here are 33 Daegu teaching jobs he can look at.

Finishing up my Masters and want to teach at a college or high school in Korea

Are you still looking for a teaching job in Korea?

Hey there, at the moment I’m overwhelmed by the response to my post on Dave’s ESL café. (Yes) – however, let’s touch base beginning of next week.

I can imagine you received many emails/calls. If you could let me know you’re desired city, salary and start date I can start a search for you whenever you’re ready.

IF you have a city preference I can send you the jobs we have there.

Thank you – Seoul & – Busan. However, I’m still in  my master degree programme. (Late summer start).

So, you’re about 1 year out from coming to Korea? I mean August start for Korea?


Do you prefer adults then?

My dissertation is due on 31st August. However I want to get it done by end of July. Finishing touches in August

Most adult jobs are split shifts. Early mornings 7 am until 11 am and then 6-10 pm in the evenings. I don’t recruit for universities, but they’re tough to get into since connections are required.

Oh I see – what about high schools in Korea. Community colleges?

I can check into those and colleges. If you have an MA and teaching experience you’ll be qualified. But it can be hard applying from the outside. Alot of the uni and colleges are already taken. They just advertise them to be compliant.

I see.

There’s no harm in applying for university jobs, but they get hundreds of applications. Not trying to dissuade you at all. Just want you to know the realities.

That’s perfectly fine. Thanks for being honest and upfront about it. Time for bed. Speak to you soon.

Certainly. Best of luck with your thesis.

Thank you

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