Left hagwon to teach English in Seoul

Left hagwon to teach English in Seoul

I am looking for a job in Seoul. My old hagwon would rehire me but I am looking for something different. I liked my old hagwon a lot, but I would like to be in Seoul. I was in Gimpo, a 40 minute bus ride to Hongdae. Being on the subway line is pretty important.

 If you want to be in Seoul why not be there? I taught in Seoul for 9 years, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Do you have a preference for teaching children or adults?

I have never taught adults but I know that adults usually means split shifts. I am not against adults, but I do not have qualifications that make me seem fit to teach business English. I know that adults doing ESL would be fine because they are going to have a more mature attitude. I do like teaching kindy and elementary though.

Yes, this is very true. You’d have to really love teaching adults to get up early and teach split shifts. It’s definitely not for everyone.

I am okay with working in a hagwon. I liked my hagwon. I just considered looking into public schools because they have a better schedule.

What’s your schedule now, just so I can understand what you prefer?

So I am currently in America. I know I have to get all of my documents right now. That isn’t a problem. I was working 9:50-7:15 Monday – Friday.

So you have to be at the school about 9.5 hours per day. How many teaching hours would that be per week?

I could leave on my breaks. Let me look at my old schedule. Okay thanks. Also, if you could let me know when your current teaching contract ends, that would help position the right roles to you. That was my schedule at some point. 40 minute classes and 42 classes So that is 28 hours of teaching total per week

Yes, 28 hours per week. Some split shifts and some blocks. How far is your apartment from your hagwon?

Next door. Very very very close. I couldn’t ask for a closer location.

Okay, so at least you could go home when you’re not teaching English at your school. That’s better than being far away.

So you’d like to be in Seoul, close to your school , kindy and elementary and with hopefully a better schedule. Anything else? And of course, all the standard benefits severance, apartment, bonus, health and pension.

My school was wonderful, but the location was so so. I don’t care if I am super close to the school. Kindy/Elem/Middle School is fine

Are you finished your contract  teaching English now?

Technically but technically not. No one would talk to me while I was still in Korea. Every recruiter was more concerned with filling positions for March 1st that no one would talk to me about my situation. My contract is technically valid until December 2017. I talked to my boss, he told me if I choose to go back until that point, I can.

Okay, so you’re considering terminating your contract early for a better job, and then getting a letter of release from your current school.

If I choose to go to another school I have to get all of my documents from the beginning again and go to immigration and deal with it. My boss is a good guy. He would love me to come back, and I would consider it. Though I am considering my options.

So, right now you’re not on the school payroll and living in a school sponsored apartment. Are you still on an E2 visa. 

I am in America 

Ah…. Okay, Now i understand.

I still have my ARC card, which I guess is valid still if I go back to my previous hagwon. If I go to another school I have to change that.

When you left Korea you didn’t get a letter of release them. I understand. If you choose a new school, then you’d need to hand in your ARC card and ask for a LOR then.

Yea that isn’ a problem.

The reason you didn’t hand in your ARC card when you left Korea was because you weren’t sure if you’d be returning to that school, correct?


So next steps would be to find a job you like, then notify your boss, request an LOR and return your ARC card. Okay. Do you have a date in mind when you’d like to return to Korea, assuming you find the right job?


Cool… Okay, at this point. Have you completely ruled out the idea of returning to your current hagwon?

I am guessing that August would be the best time to get all the information I need. If I don’t find anything better…. then I would go there. I have seen zero reasons to go somewhere else. No one would talk to me. Even my old recruiting company wouldn’t answer on skype. I have two friends who are working at Lotis in Jamsil… that is interesting to me. If I could get a job that sounds as nice, then I would rule out teaching English at my school in Korea.

Yes, the Jamsil, Songpa area is nice. Are they at DYB?

They are at Lotis. Okay, well if there isn’t anything else I need to know, I’ll start a search and see what comes up that fits your wish list.

Great Hongdae is my main area, so if there is easy access to there, the better. I am okay with Jamsil area though, line 2 is just fine. Yeah, it’s probably a 1 hour subway ride from Jamsil to Hongdae. Thanks for your time.

Thanks much. I’ll do my best to find some good offers.

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F visa Looking for a teaching job in Daegu

I am currently interested in seeking a teaching position with adults in Daegu. I just completed my Masters degree in Education with emphasis on EFL.  I also have six years of teaching experience: children, young adults and adults. If you can help, I can send all my information.  

Are you still looking for a teaching job in Daegu?

Good morning—Yes, I am still looking for a job with adults.  Adults are my number one preference. The University will be great but I realize my timing is not the best. I will be most grateful if you can assist me in this endeavour.

Could you let me know your salary expectations, if you require housing, and when you would be available to begin with a new job. Then I can start a search. Thanks.

I am an F6 visa holder, I do not require housing and I am available ASAP.  Salary wise, I will like to earn 2.5.  Of course, if a higher salary is available—-

Do you have a resume you could send me?

Yes…. I’m glad I took the initiative and contacted you.  I have a feeling you are the right recruiter!  That position is certainly not what I am looking for.  That split routine is awful and I swore I’ll never do that ever again.  The other teaching job is a potential prospect if  the salary is adjusted to include housing and perhaps, some transportation allowance.   At this point, I am truly flexible on any options that are available–be it a couple of corporate style jobs or  full on hagwon style.  I hate to close myself off to opportunities! FYI –I will be in Vietnam  from  for two weeks.

Want to teach English in Daegu with a supportive hagwon

Are you still looking for a teaching job in the Daegu, Incheon area?

Hello,! Thanks for connecting with me. Yes I am still   open to interviews next week for positions in Daegu, Incheon, Busan.

Could you let me know if you  prefer teaching adults or kids, preferred salary, housing needed and desired start date?

Hello yes I prefer teaching kids and salary ideally 2.3 million won and I will need single housing. Desired start date is May, 2017

Are you firm on Daegu?

Nope. Fairly flexible. My top priority is having asupportive a supportive and friendly School Director

If you could send your profile I’ll see what we have in Daegu and surrounding areas.

Great! Will do, thanks!

Much appreciated, thanks

I sent you a job in Seoul but it doesn’t start until July. The pay is 2.3-2.6 M KRW. Would July be a show stopper for you?

Eeek yeah July is a show stopper sorry dude

Sure, I completely understand. I’ll keep looking for May…

Here’s what I have in Daegu at the moment. But the inventory changes everyday.

Thanks. I will take a look.

I would be interested in the Daegu Gyangsan  Kinder-Elem  job to start date ASAP if the school is okay with me departing by May 4th.

Do you have your documents ready,? Criminal background check, degree, etc.

I have done my background check and have my original University diploma and photo copies. I sent my Criminal Background Check and photocopy of my diploma to be apostilled through an expedited service yesterday. I expect all  documents to be ready by end of this week or early next week.

That’s great!. I’ve asked a recruiter whom I work with to reach out to you about this job tomorrow. He’ll contact you by email.

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