Lesson #1: Simple Present – Speaking Activity

Lesson #1: Simple Present – Speaking Activity

This ESL lesson targets the Simple Present verb tense.

It is highly engaging because it evokes natural conversation from your students as you move them through three photographs asking them questions.

Your students will also have a chance to ask other students questions using the simple present until the class becomes comfortable with this verb structure.

Part I: “He” Questions about the Photo 

Lesson #1: Simple Present - Speaking Activity

Instructions: Teacher asks students questions about the photo.

  1. Does he have a seat on the subway?
  2. Does he look tired?
  3. Does he have his legs crossed?
  4. Does he look comfortable?
  5. Does he own a skateboard?
  6. Does he have his bag on the skateboard?
  7. Does he have a hat on his head?
  8. Does he have running shoes or boots on?
  9. Does he have long legs or short legs?
  10. Does he look like a high school or college student?

Part 2: “They” Questions about the Photo 

Lesson #1: Simple Present - Speaking Activity

Instructions: Students take turns asking each other questions about the picture below:

Note:  If there is only one student and one teacher, then the teacher continues asking the student the ten questions below.

  1. Do they look happy?
  2. Do they all have blonde hair or dark hair?
  3. Do they look over 18?
  4. Do they have coats on?
  5. Do they have sticky fingers?
  6. Do the girls have gloves on?
  7. Does the girl on the right have her right hand in her pocket?
  8. Does the girl on the left have a winter or fall coat on?
  9. Do they look cold or warm?
  10. Are they Korean, Japanese, or Chinese?

Part 3: “You” Questions about the Photo 

Lesson #1: Simple Present - Speaking Activity

Instructions: Teacher asks student(s) five questions in a similar context as the photo.

  1. Do you have a television in your home?
  2. Do you watch TV with friends?
  3. Is your sofa comfortable?
  4. Do you sometimes eat popcorn?
  5. Do you watch TV with the lights on or off?


Instructions: Students take turns asking each other the five questions in a similar context as the photo.

  1. Do you have a large TV or small TV?
  2. Do you watch television with your family?
  3. Do you have comfortable sofa in your home?
  4. Do you like popcorn or potato chips?
  5. Do you watch too much television?

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