Lesson #2: Simple Past – Speaking Activity

Lesson #2: Simple Past – Speaking Activity

This ESL lesson targets the Simple Past verb tense.

It is highly engaging because it evokes natural conversation from your students as you move them through three photographs asking them questions.

Your students will also have a chance to ask other students questions using the simple past until the class becomes comfortable with this verb structure.

Part I: “She” Questions about the Photo 

esl lesson past morning routine


Instructions: Teacher asks students questions about the photo.

  1. Did she just wake up?
  2. Did she make a hot beverage?
  3. Did she get dressed for work?
  4. Did she just yawn?
  5. Did she pour water in the pot?
  6. Did she sleep well?
  7. Did she eat breakfast?
  8. Did she make coffee or tea?
  9. Did she enter the kitchen or the bedroom?
  10. Did she pick up her cup or put it down?

Part 2: “They” Questions about the Photo 

esl lesson past flight


Instructions: Students take turns asking each other questions about the picture below:

Note:  If there is only one student and one teacher, then the teacher continues asking the student the ten questions below.

  1. Did they get on an airplane?
  2. Did they sit down in their seats?
  3. Did they fasten their seatbelts?
  4. Did they put their bags in the baggage compartment?
  5. Did they turn off their electronic devices?
  6. Did they arrive at their destination?
  7. Did they recline their seats or keep them upright?
  8. Did the boy get help with his seatbelt?
  9. Did the mother smile at her son?
  10. Did they choose economy or business class seats?

Part 3: “You” Questions about the Photo 

Lesson #2: Simple Past - Speaking Activity

Instructions: Teacher asks student(s) five questions in a similar context as the photo.

  1. Did you go shopping last weekend?
  2. Did you hang out with your friends yesterday?
  3. Did you buy new clothes last month?
  4. Did you go on a vacation last year?
  5. Did you buy a gift for your best friend’s birthday?


Instructions: Students take turns asking each other  the five questions in a similar context as the photo.

  1. Did you hang out with your family at home last night?
  2. Did you take your brother or sister shopping yesterday?
  3. Did you buy a new pair of jeans last month?
  4. Did you meet your best friend for lunch last Saturday?
  5. Did you go to work or school yesterday?

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