Lesson #3: Simple Future – Speaking Activity

Lesson #3: Simple Future – Speaking Activity

This ESL lesson targets the Simple Future verb tense.

It is highly engaging because it evokes natural conversation from your students as you move them through three photographs asking them questions.

Your students will also have a chance to ask other students questions using the simple future until the class becomes comfortable with this verb structure.

Part I: “She” Questions about the Photo – Simple Future 

esl lesson - simple lesson surfer girl

Instructions: Teacher asks students questions about the photo.

  1. Will she put on her wet suit?
  2. Will she wax her surfboard?
  3. Will she stay on the beach or get into the water?
  4. Will she wear a life jacket?
  5. Will she go windsurfing or surfing?
  6. Will she put on sunscreen or make up?
  7. Will the water be rough or calm?
  8. Will she ride the waves to the shore?
  9. Will she enjoy herself?
  10. Will it stay sunny or become cloudy?

Part 2: “They” Questions about the Photo –– Simple Future


Instructions: Students take turns asking each other questions about the picture below:

Note:  If there is only one student and one teacher, then the teacher continues asking the student the ten questions below.

  1. Will the students stay outside all afternoon?
  2. Will the couple read their blue books together?
  3. Will the two young men walk together?
  4. Will everyone return to class soon?
  5. Will this courtyard be empty on Sunday?
  6. Will  some of the students wear shorts all year long?
  7. Will the shrubs change colour in a few months?
  8. Will all of the students graduate college in one year?
  9. Will everyone leave the courtyard at the same time?
  10. Will most of the students do their homework tonight?

Part 3: “You” Questions about the Photo – – Simple Future 

Lesson #3: Simp Future - Speaking Activity

Instructions: Teacher asks student(s) five questions in a similar context as the photo.

  1. Will it rain this weekend?
  2. Will you take a walk in the park this evening?
  3. Will you bring your umbrella to school or to the office tomorrow?
  4. Will you meet your friends next week?
  5. Will you eat dinner with your family tonight?


Instructions: Students take turns asking each other  the five questions in a similar context as the photo.

  1. Will you have lunch with your friends this Saturday?
  2. Will you visit the park in the summer?
  3. Will you leave your umbrella at home tomorrow morning?
  4. Will you go for a walk alone in the park tonight?
  5. Will you watch TV tonight or use your computer?

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