Lesson #5 Comparisons – Speaking Activity

This ESL lesson targets Comparisons.

It is highly engaging because it evokes natural conversation from your students as you move them through three photographs asking them questions.

Your students will also have a chance to ask other students questions using comparisons until the class becomes comfortable with this grammatical structure.

Part I: Questions about the Photo – Comparisons

Countries comparision

Instructions: Teacher asks students questions about the photo.

  1. Is the United States as cold as Canada?
  2. Is India as large as China? (land size)
  3. Does Canada have more people than Australia?
  4. Is the temperature in Indonesia higher than in Mongolia?
  5. Are there more people in Australia than in New Zealand?
  6. Do Mexicans and Brazilians speak the same language?
  7. Are Japan and China similar in population?
  8. Which ocean is the warmest?
  9. Which continent has the most countries?
  10. How are Korea and China different?

Part 2: Questions about the Photo – Comparisons 

ESL Lesson Comparatives Cars

Instructions: Students take turns asking each other questions about the picture below:

Note:  If there is only one student and one teacher, then the teacher continues asking the student the ten questions below.

  1. Is the man taller than the woman?
  2. Is the airplane faster than the car?
  3. Is the man’s bag more expensive than his suit?
  4. Is the door of the vehicle larger than the airplane’s?
  5. Is the woman’s hair longer than the man’s?
  6. Do you think the woman’s glasses are cheaper than her outfit?
  7. Is it warmer inside the aircraft or outside?
  8. Is the price of the airplane more expensive than the car?
  9. Are the seats on the plane more comfortable than the car’s?
  10. How are the airplane and car similar?

Part 3: Questions about the Photo – Comparisons

RV Family Esl lesson

Instructions: Teacher asks student(s) five questions in a similar context as the photo.

  1. Is your father older than your mother?
  2. Are your grandparents the same age?
  3. Are you better with electronic gadgets than your parents?
  4. Is your brother or sister smarter than you are?
  5. Tell me about your best vacation ever.


Instructions: Students take turns asking each other  the five questions in a similar context as the photo.

  1. Is vacationing with an RV cheaper than staying in a hotel?
  2. Who is the youngest in your family?
  3. Have you traveled more than your siblings?
  4. Is your father more stubborn than your mother?
  5. Is speaking English more difficult than reading and writing it?

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